CNet Beta Testing A New Site Design

Today while browsing through my feeds and email, I ran across a CNet article of interest. For those who don’t know (which isn’t too many of you) CNet is a popular site for many reasons. They cover various areas of technology, but I personally only visit the site for gadget reviews and their Downloads section.

Moving along, I was taken to their WebWare section and was presented with the following:

New & Improved CNet Site

Apparently they’re testing a new and improved site redesign and would like to know my thoughts on it. Do I like it better than this?

old cnet

Why yes I do! It’s less cluttered and I prefer the new color scheme over the old one. The things I would expect them to want me to pay attention to are more emphasized and easier to spot in the new design versus the old layout.


Design Tip

idea Here’s a personal design tip that applies to me and a few other people that I’ve asked: the less stuff you present me with, the more I’ll scroll down the page to find more stuff. The more you overload me with things in the beginning, the less likely I am to go through the entire page.

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