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If you like using Reko, the firefox based addon that tracks your website history and displays users with similar web browsing patterns, then Cluztr may be better for you. I’ve tested Reko and didn’t like it one bit. The entire profile page needs some serious redesigning and none of my “neighbors” matched my own surfing patterns. Maybe the userbase is too small for the service to make accurate matches. Whatever the case, I didn’t enjoy the extension.

On the other hand, Cluztr definitely has a better interface and real profiles! The profile pages contain Linkstreams, which are links to the sites you’ve visited (do I here a privacy problem?), the top sites you’ve visited, others with similar Linkstreams, and your friends. All this is recorded through an addon for your browser, just like Reko. Other features include being able to add other social profiles to your Cluztr profile, ability to subscribe to a friend’s Linkstream, Linkcast (broadcast) whatever website you’re visiting, chat with people, and leave messages on websites you visit. Don’t forget to grab some goodies for your site, which include widgets, buttons, and badges!

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