Cloudo Web OS Opens Beta Doors Again For A Limited Time

 Note: If you have no clue what a web OS is check out Richard MacManus’ clarification of the term.

Web Web operating systems are nothing new. We’ve seen and heard about them for years now. Mashable even has a rundown of 45+ Web OS’. Clearly this is a crowded market. Though I can’t say whether any of them are really gaining any serious traction, the thought of having everything on my computer available online seems very appealing as I become more and more dependent upon an internet connection.

Cloudo’s  Web Appeal

cloudo logoThis is where Cloudo comes in. I won’t write a full review of the service. Instead you can read about Cloudo here. Cloudo is currently inviting more people to join in on beta testing the service.

What made me choose Cloudo of all services? Well for one you won’t have to wait on an invite (limited time only). However, the biggest reason why I like Cloudo is because of its visual appeal. Unlike other Web OS’, Cloudo truly delivers with its UI and great performance. The latter may be a little on the slow side today due to all the recent signups, but it’s worth taking a look at if you’ve ever been interested in trying out a web OS. Cloudo also features an iPhone optimized version of its service. We all know how important that is becoming.

Signup or Tour Cloudo

You can sign up for a Cloudo beta account here. In the meantime, check out the video below of my favorite Cloudo feature. The feature is nothing new, but I love how they designed this particular feature. You can also check out their guided tour for more info.


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