CES: There Is A Heaven For Geeks

Being an Intel Insider has been a great experience that’s going to get even better starting tomorrow. If you’ve been living under a rock, or in different parts of the web, then you may have missed your train for one of the biggest consumer tech events of the year: International CES! Yes, the CES.


CES is any gadget geek’s dream come true. Hundreds of showcases of the best and latest technologies coming from the biggest electronic makers in the world. Intel will be previewing some great things coming to a computer near you. I’m looking forward to all the eBooks that will be revealed and accessories for mobile devices. My family wants to hear about what they can expect to add to their entertainment centers. So, this will be a packed 4-day event of electronic heaven. Thank you Intel!

What I want to take from CES is an idea of where technology is headed this year. I hope to have a general idea of what technologies are hot going into 2010, why they’re so important, and what changes they’ll bring about for consumers. This will be my first year attending CES and I’m very excited about it! I’ll be armed with my Dell Studio 15 (courtesy of Intel), Creative Vado HD, iPhone 3G, MiFi, and Motorola Droid (review units courtesy of Verizon) to keep you updated on the latest surprises and treats. So, be sure to subscribe to SheGeeks and follow me on Twitter (@Corvida) for the latest on what’s in store at CES this year.

If you’re also attending CES, leave a comment on what you’re looking forward to at CES this year. Whether it’s an event or product, I’d love to hear what’s got your attention this year! Stay tuned everyone.

P.S. If you’re thinking of pitching me for CES, read this excellent post by Cathy Brooks on how to do so effectively: Dissed by Santa, So Suggesting Resolutions Instead. Trust me, you’ll save yourself a headache later ;)

Corvida Raven

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