Categories in Windows Live Writer

A while back, I made a plea for the ability to add categories in Windows Live Writer (WLW). I’ve done a google search on this and there are plenty of blogs, including the Windows Live Writer team’s space, that state that this feature is available. Yet, I can’t find one blog that tells you how to do it. Again, what am I missing? I can set categories that I’ve already set from the WordPress admin panel, but I can’t add any new ones to save my life! Do I need to update WordPress or something?

So, I updated my weblog settings in Windows Live Writer. It seems I needed to have my blog set to WordPress 2.2+ in order to activate the add categories feature! Why didn’t anyone say that?

Now another complaint:
Can the Live team please get their products to cooperate with the Opera web browser?! Nothing seems to be working in Opera these days. What’s going on world?

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