Bypass Twitter’s 140 Character Limit With Twitzer

Have you ever wanted to post more than 140 characters on Twitter? I know there have been plenty of times where I wished Twitter had a 160 character limit like my text messages instead of 140!


twitzerTwitzer is a Firefox extension that will allow you to do just that: post more than 140  characters on Twitter….sort of. You can only use it directly from the Twitter website. When you’re done typing in a message on Twitter, simply right-click on the box and select "Twitzer text". From there, the Twitzer extension will shorten the entry to 140 characters and include a link to the rest of your text, which is uploaded to the shortText website. shortText is the maker of Twitzer.

If you notice someone else using the extension to expand their entries, the Twitzer Firefox extension allows you to "De-Twitzer" the entry from the Twitter website.


Even though this is a cool extension, for the other 40% of the web that uses Twitter elsewhere, you’re SOL. Though, shortText developers could work with Twhirl and other client developers to implement the service into Twitter desktop clients. But, as Download Squad points out, doesn’t this defeat the point of "microblogging"? While it could, if users use it properly it won’t. It could be useful for an extra sentence or two. Let’s not forget that not everyone can limit something to 140 characters. Now you’re probably saying, "Then it probably doesn’t need to be on Twitter." Yeah yeah!

Corvida Raven

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