bTT Friendfeed App Gets A Makeover

bTT is a remake of bTittleTattle, one of the first Friendfeed desktop apps to be released. Developed by Sobees, they’ve taken some huge hints and integrated Twitter into bTT and also made some changes.


  • Improved UI redesign
  • Font adjustment options
  • Sort by service options
  • Show/Hide comments
  • Twitt It/Friendfeed It
  • No duplicates (yay!)
  • Slideshow view for pictures
  • Wide view/ Slim view

First, let me state that there is an update to bTittleTattle. However, even though bTT is a remodel of bTittleTattle, you have to download bTT separately.

User Interface

bttThe user interface is much better this time around! Steven Hodson is going to love the option to resize the font. Everything shows up pretty much like it would on Friendfeed. New comments and liked items are properly sorted back to the top of the window with the most recent comment shown first. You have the option of hiding comments and you can also adjust how many comments are shown. Posting a comment from the client is simple enough. However, to see a comment you just made you have to refresh the window.

Sorting Services and Twitter

The sort by service feature organizes the services in alphabetical order. I’m noting this because in other apps that sort by service, the services are arranged in the most chaotic way.

For the Twitter service, bTT shows the difference between where the updates are coming from by highlighting Twitter updates in sky blue, while Twitter updates through Friendfeed follow the standard color scheme, black. Unfortunately, replying back to someone is a bit of a problem as bTT doesn’t show the users Twitter handle. Also, there’s no way to reply back to a Twitter message that shows up via Friendfeed. Standard comments and likes do apply. This is a bit odd to me. What’s the point in integrating Twitter if users can’t reply back or even DM someone properly and easily?

Flickr Slideshow

One of the coolest features that bTT has over the other Friendfeed/Twitter clients is the slideshow presentation of flickr photos that’s shown when more than one has been posted. Take a look at the screenshot below.


There are buttons to the left and right of pictures if more than one has been found. Clicking on an image opens a preview of the image right next to bTT. Is that not the coolest little trick? =D

Alerts and Search


I love their update alerts. The alerts let you know how many new items, comments, and likes have been added. I think that was a pretty cool layout instead of the standard "4 new updates" alerts. It keeps me informed of when I should check back on bTT and when I can put it off a little longer. Their search, or filter, feature is just grand! I was surprised to see even my direct messages on Twitter pulled into bTT and highlighted in a pretty ugly green color. Still, bTT has one of the most solid search/filter features for Friendfeed that I’ve seen to date.

A Solid Client

As a Friendfeed desktop client, I’d honestly choose bTT over the rest. Twhirl and Alert Thingy are too buggy for me. bTT is running flawlessly and isn’t sucking up any resources. The only things I would request at this point are the ability to easily reply back to twitter messages and a way to tab through older items. If they integrate these features, they can get an awesomesauce approval with flying colors. A huge kudos to Allen Stern of CenterNetworks for the update on bTT!

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