Boredom Strikes On Twitter With Color!

Twitter Tech news today has been relatively slow for me. More articles about FriendFeed and the many purchases that are being made today. Nothing all that new and exciting to really blog about or message on Twitter.

So, it seems that Ze Frank (Thanks to Armando Alves for notifying me) and a few others have decided to start a little game on Twitter. There’s a battle of colors taking place with “teams” of the colors red, green, yellow, blue, orange, FF1CAE, gold, off-white, and plaid (is that seriously a color?) are seeing which team can get the most followers. There’s even a no-team for those who refuse to play (though I don’t see the logic in that).

If this isn’t boredom, I don’t know what is, but at least it gives us something to do. I’m not joining any team, but if I were it would be red. If you spot any more teams in the wild leave a comment and I’ll add them! Why? Because I’m just as bored as you. =P

Here’s a breakdown of the number of followers each team has so far.

[Updated Thursday, March 20, 2008 @ 1:30 p.m. EST]

@veryGreenTeam – 774
@BlueTeam – 289
@OrangeTeam – 232
@Redteam – 159
@YellowTeam – 127
@FF1CAEteam – 164
@GoldTeam – 199
@Offwhiteteam – 95
@Plaidteam – 119
@Noteam – 176
@Fuchsia – 55
@TeamClear – 102
@PinkTeamgo – 27

@Whiteteam – 40
@Purple – 86
@StripeTeam – 35

@PuceTeam – 26
@rainbowteam – 101
@blackwatchteam – 59
@GammaRayTeam – 5
@ChartreuseTeam – 48
@greenredteam – 49
@BrownTeam – 19
@TeamTransparent – 53
@PussyPinkTeam – 145
@sepiateam – 16
@seethruteam – 6
@meatteam – 53
@Teamcoffee – 31

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