Be Careful What You Buy In The App Store

Money Boing Boing has recently written up an article about a very serious concern for people who buy apps from the iTunes App Store. Apple does not refund the money on apps that they pull from the store. According to the post, one customer tried to receive a refund from Apple for pulling the NetShare Tethering app. Apple issued the following statement:

All iTunes purchases are final, and I am unable to refund you for the app.

You will need to contact NetShare directly, as this is there [sic] product and we can do nothing with it.

And you call Microsoft greedy….

Way to go Apple on great customer service and support. Take 30% of the lump-sum and leave the developer to cover your ass. This is one reason why I refuse to truly support Apple. Outside of the iPhone, I don’t own a single Apple product and never have. I’d hate to have to deal with their customer service and that is the sole reason why I don’t buy more of their stuff. I’ll take Microsoft over this crap any day.

Corvida Raven

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