Humans – Not Machines – As Information Filters


Steven Hodson has an awesomesauce post on how bloggers are becoming news anchors in their own way. While he uses the term “gatekeepers”, Frederic of The Last Podcast prefers “filters“. Why the change in terms?

Frederic notes:

However, our readers can get their information from a million different sources, so I don’t think we are gatekeepers the way the old TV news anchors were – we don’t (and can’t) prevent any information from getting out – at least not as individuals. Unless, of course, our readers start solely relying on us for their information – but that is hopefully never going to happen and would really be antithetical to what the net is all about.

While this is completely up for different interpretations, I’d agree with Frederic’s reasoning. Still, both guys make valid points about how bloggers are becoming information filters, hubs, or aggregators in their own ways. This isn’t limited to bloggers.

How You Filter Information for Others

If you use any type of social media to share information, you’re contributing to the filtering process.

If you blog, you’re contributing to the filtering process, while also adding to what some might consider “noise”.

Self-Conscious Filters Suck

Being of aware of this can make you self-conscious about the information you share. This increasingly becomes the case as you rise in rank and popularity. Don’t be scared. If you like something and feel it should be shared, share it!  Don’t alter your habits because of the increase in attention. Just do you. This is why they are following you in the first place.

That’s not to say ahead and spam the world. Someone can always unsubscribe from you if they don’t like how you use social media. You’re better off sharing with your audience what you would filter for yourself.

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  • What are other ways to be information filter, hub, or human aggregators?
  • What techniques are you using to help your audience find great content?
  • How do you keep your content relevant and related to your followers?
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