Back to School

 School is about to start back. With that in mind, there’s bound to be plenty of back-2-school articles floating around, which I’m extremely excited about. As a college student / female blogger, I’d be honored to keep my readers informed with the latest and greatest (respectively) web applications out there for your back-to-school, group project, and note taking needs!

Personally, I’m trying to avoid taking any classes with group projects, but you can’t avoid them every time. Why am I avoiding them? We all know how difficult it can be to collaborate with people who you don’t even know and I prefer to work alone to be honest. For collaborating efforts I suggest Google Docs or Zoho, even though . So, don’t depend entirely upon them. Make backups of what you write.

Nevertheless, my first experience with Google Docs was a fairly pleasant one, for I was working on my resume with two Grad students. They helped me tremendously and we did a great job getting the basics down with Google Docs. However, for formatting purposes, we had to resort to emailing revisions of my resume. Google Docs is not a good formatter.

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