And The Winner Is…

Winner On March 11th, I ran a Worthy WordPress Theme contest. To recap, I basically asked my audience to help me decide on whether to keep my new theme, or if the GridFocus theme by 5thirtyone might be a better choice. Well, you all were split neck and neck, and that’s including the Twitter replies that I received.

After much deliberation, I’ve decided to stick with my current theme, Elegant Blue by Nathan Rice. Why? Mainly because I’m lazy and don’t feel like copying and pasting a million codes that some widgets and services require you to paste everywhere in your theme and also, I really like how huge my RSS icon is.

Most importantly, I haven’t heard any complaints about my theme and everything that I’m using on it works nicely with it. So I’m sticking to the old adage, "If it’s not broken, don’t fix it!"

Thanks to all of you that left feedback! Here’s a recap of what the prize would be:

Whichever the winning theme is, voters for that theme will receive a link back to their site in the posting of the winning theme!

Well, I didn’t get a million comments so I’ve decided to link back to everyone that participated, even those that tweeted!

Thanks To:

Jeffro of Jeffro2pt0 a blog that features a lot of great content about WordPress and not just technical stuff!

ElliottNg – a great blogger that I subscribe to. and follow on Twitter. He’s relevant to me =P

Karoli – I follow her on Twitter for her great tweets. Though if you’re into politics Karoli has a great political blog!

Christopher Black – Another great blogger that I subscribe to with some interesting commentary on the web and technology.

Ruud Hein – a very wise programmer! You should definitely subscribe to his blog.

Steven Hodson – A sweet cranky old fart. One of the best mentors I have and if you’re not subscribing to his blog you’re seriously missing out on the fun. Stay away if your heart breaks easily.

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