Air Hogs Supernova: A Different Spin On Drones


Most consumer drones come with a hefty price tag and a steep learning curve to fly them. However, Air Hogs is putting a different spin (pun intended) on consumer drones with the Air Hogs Supernova. The Supernova is like a small drone that looks like an orb and acts like one too. You control this drone using hand gestures to make it move and perform fun tricks. Air Hogs offered to sponsor this review and I accepted because I thought the Supernova would be fun to play with. Thankfully, it has been!


The Supernova is a small quadcopter encased in a plastic sphere outfitted with little red sensors pointing in four different directions, as well as one on the bottom. On top of the quadcopter is a light that responds to any motion the sensors register. The micro-USB charging port and power switch sit on the bottom of the Supernova.


The plastic sphere has an open layout that gives access to all of the ports while also allowing the propellers to lift the Supernova into the air. Despite an open design, the sphere is built well enough to grip without injuring your fingers. And thanks to its plastic build, it can take a few bumps without much damage.


Air Hogs Supernova Sensing

Unlike most drones, the Air Hogs Supernova doesn’t need a controller or app. Instead, it uses sensors to recognize your hand movements and its environment. It’s also designed to be flow indoors and close by you as if you have your own personal orb. It performs up to 30 moves and 9 advanced tricks that don’t take long to master.

So how do you fly this thing? Gently tossing the Supernova in the air will start up the propellers and the supernova will quickly catch itself. Once it stabilizes, you can hover your hands over a sensor to make it move away from your hand. The Supernova will immediately float off in the direction opposite the sensor, but only far enough for a game of “pass the orb” with a friend.

Holding your hand under the drone raises it and dropping your hand below the drone lowers it. If the Supernova drifts, you can easily correct its course by making small swiping gestures until it stabilizes.

When you’re done with the Supernova, you can cup it in your hands and turn it upside to stop the propellers. My average flight times were 8-10 minutes before the battery needed to recharge.


Air Hogs Supernova In Air

The sensors are very responsive and make controlling the Supernova easy. However, remembering all of the gestures to make the Supernova do neat tricks is, well, tricky. Luckily, the Supernova comes with easy to read instructions and online video tutorials that demonstrate the tricks and various hand gestures to use.

The Supernova recognizes nearly 40 gesture combinations. My personal favorites are the super tricks. They include making the Supernova circle around you (orbit), fly a few feet away and come back (boomerang) or play dead.

With a little practice, you’ll have the Supernova performing your favorite tricks in no time!


Air Hogs Supernova In Air

The Supernova is a fun indoor toy drone for adults and kids. It’s easy to use, doesn’t require any setup and performs a wide variety of impressive tricks. You can purchase the Air Hogs Supernova for only $40, which includes a micro-USB charging cable, instruction sheets, 4 replacement rotors and a rotor removal tool.

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