Aggregation And Lifestreaming: What’s The Difference?

Lightbulb Frederic of The Last Podcast as an interesting rant about aggregation not being the same thing as lifestreaming. Here’s an excerpt that sums up his frustrations pretty nicely:

Everybody seems to be hellbend on calling every new social media aggregator a “lifestreaming service”. But have you looked at the ‘everyone’ feed on FriendFeed? Nothing on there comes very close to ‘lifestreaming.’

Pretty much everything I do online goes into my FriendFeed, but that is not my life – it’s part of my life – but it’s not enough to call it ‘lifestreaming.’ I hope most of us lead lives that go at least a little bit beyond the stuff we do on the net.

Well, I think we all can agree with that, but I proposed a question to Frederic that I’d like to propose to you too: What else could you call it and what’s the difference?

What Do You Call It? iStream or Netstream?

You could continue to call it ‘aggregation’, but since quite a few people are substituting the word ‘aggregation’ for ‘lifestreaming’, what would be a better and more accurate word? Make up one if you can’t think of anything that already exists.

I vote for iStream or Netstream, maybe even linkstream.

Also, why are people confusing the two? Have you done it?

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