Addict-O-Matic Search For The Egotistical

There are plenty of ways to get a healthy (or obsessive) dose of finding out what’s being said about you on the web. There are numerous search engines out there where you can grab an RSS feed and keep up-to-date about when your name or brand has been mentioned. However, none come close to the Addictomatic search engine.

Addictomatic: What Does It Do?

Addictomatic is a search engine that provides you with a dashboard, a la Netvibes style, of your search results. Here’s a screencap of the search for “SheGeeks” on Addictomatic:


Sources And Features

Addictomatic displays search results from various other sites and search engines including, Google, Yahoo, MSN Live, ASK, Technorati, Bloglines, YouTbe, WordPress,, Digg, and surprisingly, Summize, a Twitter search engine.

You can personalize the results by moving around the source boxes for each module or deleting irrelevant sources.

Bookmark your results and come back to them whenever you’re ready to feed your ego.


Beneficial To The Egotistical

This is a cool service for ego maniacs or for those with a handful of keywords to watch who are looking for better ways to manage their searches in one place. You can personalize which sources are listed. However, the bummer is that you can’t add more personal sources for search.

Corvida Raven

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