6 New Ways To Break Through Writer’s Block

Posting headlining news is no easy feat. In fact, posting anything at all can become a task in and of itself. Making the news or even contributing to the "echo chamber effect" can be a tough thing to do when news is slow. So, here a few new ways to break through writer’s block.

Topic Recommendation Engines

icon_engine Topic recommendation engines can be a great way to help you brainstorm for your next post. Services like Skribit, which allow users generated suggestions, or HitTail , which provides suggestions based on your site’s keywords, can provide you with several ideas for your next article. These engines can be great tools for brainstorming with the provided suggestions until you create something unique.

Get Up, Get Out

active Sometimes, being in one setting all day can place a limit your thought process. It’s almost as if you are recycling thoughts and ideas. To get a fresh idea, try getting up and going out. Take a trip to a museum or try going to any of the latest events in your town. Also, attempt to go to places and events that involve interaction with others or requires you to actively participate. The experiences that you gain through these interactions can provide great ideas for your next article.

Pick Up The Phone

phone Having conversations with others can help you unconsciously brainstorm your next topic. While conversations over the internet can be great, try picking up the phone instead. With phone conversations, you tend to brainstorm while you’re talking. Whereas with the web, you tend to brainstorm before you hit the enter key. Keep in mind that the latter can sometimes limit the responses you might receive from the person whom you’re talking with. Their responses are just as important as your own for brainstorming purposes.

Schedule A Writing Time

Scheduling a time to write may be something you’ve never bothered to do. However, doing so may motivate you to do what’s necessary to get up and get started with your next topic. The key motivator in this tactic is the added pressure. The added pressure of putting yourself on a time limit to come up with something could help you churn out some of the craziest ideas. Be sure to give yourself ample time to brainstorm and write. I’d recommend between 2-3 hours.

Go Through Your Archives

archive Following up on previous topics that you’ve covered can provide more than enough posts for your day. Go through your archives and find out if any products or services that you’ve covered have recently been updated. Also try reading over your opinions and see if there’s another angle you could cover that you didn’t notice before. If you wrote something controversial, how about clarifying your stance on the topic.


Comment2 Commenting on several other posts that you come across can lead to an effective brainstorming process for your next topic. If you happen to comment on several related posts, revisit your comments to see if they’d make a better blog post. Also, examine the replies from others. If you agree with them and feel that you can expand on your agreement, make a post of your reply. 

There are many effective ways to get through writer’s block. These are just a few new  tips to help you break through. What are some ways you’ve gotten through your moments of writer’s block? What methods seem to never fail for you?

Corvida Raven

A natural pioneer at grasping the rapidly changing landscape of technology, Corvida Raven talks tech in plain English on SheGeeks.net.