5 Ways TweetDeck Is Locking In Twitter Users

Tweetdeck_logo Are you familiar with the Twitter client TweetDeck? If not, you might want to jump on the bandwagon. With the release of Tweetdeck’s iPhone application, I’ve noticed something that every Twitter developer needs to pay attention to: Tweetdeck is locking users in for a very long time. How so you ask?

  1. Tweetdeck for the iPhone
    A mobile application has become very important for a lot of workshifter. Personally, I hate working at a desk day in and day out. Half of Tweetdeck’s users probably feel the same way. The services and tools we choose to use have to be able to keep up with users, literally!


  2. PORTABLE Groups
    Not only did they lock users in via an iPhone app and a desktop client, they delivered on their promise with the addition of group synchronization for both clients.
  3. Alerts
    For some odd reason, I love TweetDecks alerts and they’re infamous within the geek community. It’s a mixture of the visual appeal of them and the nextel chirp-sound that accompanies new alerts that users love. Plus, window users get a faux-mac feature.
  4. Total Package…Well, Almost (see image below)


  5. Consistent Updates & User Experience
    The team behind TweetDeck is constantly pushing up new updates for their desktop client. Now, if only we could get them to address the iPhone, or maybe we need to go after Apple for that. Either way, the experience from Tweetdeck on the iPhone and desktop is insightful, efficient, and visually mindblowing.


What do you think: Is Tweetdeck locking you in?

Corvida Raven

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