4 Useful Twitter Tools You Shouldn’t Twitter Without

A new Twitter tool pops up everyday. However, not all of them are necessary and don’t always provide a useful purpose. Here’s a short list of Twitter tools that you could use to better enhance your Twitter experience.


summize  Summize is one of the greatest realtime Twitter search engines. Summize’s site is optimized to let you know when there’s a new update for your search results, which beats refreshing a page all the time. Summize also sports a conversation tracking feature similar to the Quotably service for following Twitter conversations.

I find that it updates a lot faster than Tweetscan even via it’s RSS feeds for keywords that you’re tracking.


tweetburner  TweetBurner is not only a great link shortener, but a great link tracker too. There are plenty of link shorteners out there (e.g. TinyURL). However, TweetBurner does things differently by keeping a record of how many times you’ve used the service and how many clicks each link has received to date. View your archive for a list of all your "twurled" links alongside stats on the most popular links you’ve twittered.

This is a great tool for statistical purposes and a good way to find which of your links are going viral. You don’t have to sign up for the service, but you will need to hand over your Twitter credentials.


twhirl  Twhirl is the ultimate Twitter client using Adobe AIR’s platform. Updates are fast and the app is snappy. Recently, they’ve taken the time integrated Friendfeed into Twhirl. However, I find the integrated has degraded the quality of Twhirl and refrain from adding my Friendfeed account to it.

There are a ton of other great Twitter tools already integrated into Twhirl for your twittering convenience, including TweetBurner!


Twitter Karma

twitter-karma If you’re looking for a easy way to manage your Twitter followings and followers, Twitter Karma is the way to go. Twitter Karma gives you several ways to manage your followings:

  • View Followers Only/ Friends Only
  • View Mutual Friends
  • View All Friends/Followers

Twitter Karma is also great for keeping up with mutual contacts that haven’t updated in days or weeks. All in all, it’s a great way to make your Twitter experience better.


What Shouldn’t I Twitter Without?

Got some great Twitter tools that you find useful? I’d love to hear what you’re using to make Twitter better and easier for you.

Corvida Raven

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