4 Reasons To Not Increase Your Followers On Twitter

Following over 700+ people on Twitter can become one of the most tedious and time consuming tasks of social networking. People are constantly following you and unfollowing you. All you really want is for people to stick around, the opportunity to build your very own micro-community, and for people to listen and be listened to in return. So there’s a bunch of tips out the web on how to increase your followers on social networks. Assuming you plan to follow most, if not all of those new followers, here are are 4 reasons why you probably don’t want to do that.


1. Too Many Connections To Manage

communityThe biggest problem that occurs when increasing your followers/following count is managing those connections. It becomes harder to keep track of why you followed someone or why someone may have followed you. As the list increases it also becomes harder to follow your “real” connections & those that are just information firehoses. If you happen to be experiencing this problem now, check out 2 Great Apps For Cleaning Your Twitter Contact List & Tweetsum.


2. Decrease In Connections

Ah, the decrease in connections. I won’t keep you long on this. In fact, just head over here: Decreasing Connections While Increasing Our Networks.

Maybe growth on some of these networks isn’t the best thing in the world. Should there be self-imposed limits on how many people you befriend? No because in the end, while your network growth may increase, your connection with your network still increases. However, the rate at which the connection can increase actually decreases. Did that make sense? Unless your friends are constantly questioning you or keeping tabs on you, it’s going to take a lot longer to make deeper connections the more your network grows.


3. Increase in Noise

chat AHH, the noise! Twitter can become a horrible place when off-topic noise suddenly floods your Twitter stream. People are forever changing their minds or expanding their interests. In doing so, those new followers may have absolutely nothing in common with what you relate to on Twitter or current followers may become irrelevant to you. Do you really want to constantly prune through thousands of followers just to continuously get a better signal-to-noise ratio?


4. Getting Off Topic In Your Stream

fragmentation In turn, taking part in these off-topic conversations can change the flow, context, and content of your own Twitter stream. With an increase of followers comes the task of staying on topic and not abandoning your “original” audience, which I like to think of as the first 400 people to follow you.


Professional Advice

blog In the end, an increase of followers can also increase any headaches you already have with Twitter, and make room for new problems. Connections can be severed and your pleasant Twitter experience can become a nightmare. So please, think twice before increasing your followers and those you’re following. You don’t have to follow everyone back. You shouldn’t follow everyone back. STAY FOCUSED!

Corvida Raven

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