Effective Management Tools For Cleaning Up Twitter Contacts

With thousands of people to follow on Twitter, it’s not very hard to notice how busy your Twitter stream can get. Noise levels rise, and finding quality conversations and links in your Twitter stream can start to become a task similar to finding Big Foot. If you’ve been looking for quick and easy solutions to cleaning your list of friends on Twitter that are only wasting space or adding to the noise levels, I have two great solutions for you.

Twitter Karma

Twitter Karma is my web app of choice to clean my Twitter contact list of of people who aren’t following me back. In fact, it’s on my list of Twitter tools you shouldn’t be using Twitter without. However, on and off performance issues with Twitter Karma always kept me on the look out for something better and more stable. Lately, the service has been up to par.

To recap, Twitter Karma gives you multiple ways of seeing who you’re mutual followers are, who you’re following, and who’s following you. You can also bulk follow and unfollow people thanks to the service. It’s a great timesaver and great for keeping your contact list up-to-date. If you ever wonder if Twitter Karma may be wrong, just head over to DoesFollow to verify whether or not someone is following you.


On the other hand we have MyCleenr. To be quite honest, it doesn’t compare to the functionality of Twitter Karma. However, if you’re just looking for a simple way to delete inactive accounts that you’re following, MyCleenr is the way to go (as long as you’re not following over 700 people). MyCleenr provides you with a simple overview of those that you are following on Twitter and the last time they tweeted. From there you can either click the “delete” button or leave them as a friend. Clicking the delete button will have MyCleenr automatically unfollows them for you. Simple and easy right?


Keeping Your List Clean

idea Unfortunately, automated services to keep things clean aren’t available (yet?). So you’ll have to keep using these services to get the job done. I’d recommend using them once or twice a month depending on the rate at which you attract followers. If you’re an “auto follower” then I’d suggest checking out SocialToo to help keep your friends list free of spammers without you lifting so much as a finger. Read more about SocialToo over at Louis Gray.

Corvida Raven

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