1 Simple Tip To Decide Who To Follow On Twitter

I’ve written quite a few posts on deciding who to follow on Twitter and  deciding who to follow on FriendFeed. However, while writing all of this, another solution in making such decisions easier has always eluded me. I’ve yet to see it mentioned elsewhere either. Nevertheless, it brick slapped the mess out of me last night. So, here’s a huge tip to help you decide who to follow on Twitter, though you can also apply it to FriendFeed or any other social network for that matter.

I’d like to forewarn you that this tip works the best for those who already have a rather large following. It won’t really work at all if you know one’s really following you. You’ve been warned!

The Tiptwittab

Check your replies tab on the Twitter website. 


Yesterday, I was going through my replies tab and noticed that quite a few people that replied to me with an awesome response or two. I happened not to be following quite a few of these people back. After clicking back through about 5 pages of Twitter replies, I ended up with 10+ followers! I would advise you to still check out their profiles after viewing their replies and see what else they are talking about because you’ll be getting messages that may have absolutely nothing to do with you once you follow them. You still want to keep the noise to a minimum regardless of the replies.

Twitter Replies

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