Why I Switched from iOS to Android

iOS versus Android

Last November, I switched from an iPhone 4 to the Galaxy Note 2. I hate to say it, but the iPhone just doesn’t keep up with my needs anymore. It’s disappointing, but after years of waiting for Apple to bring new innovations to iOS, Google and its partners are slowly edging past Apple to meet consumer needs – and I’m moving with them.

Remember the excitement around the iPhone 3G? Stunning isn’t a word I used to describe any phone at that time, but the iPhone 3G was one of the most gorgeous phones I’d ever seen. The iPhone’s app store only added fuel to the fire. This wasn’t the first phone to support apps, but Apple modernized apps and made them look cool. With a market full of gorgeous and innovative apps designed specifically for your device, it felt like the future of mobile had finally arrived.

These things created a special atmosphere in the tech community. It felt as refreshing as rain, full of promise and so much potential.

Limitations from the 90s

iOS versus Android

 Despite being one of the most innovative products of its time, the iPhone was – and still is – no stranger to peculiar limitations. You can’t download files directly to the device (still) without an appropriate app or jailbreaking it. You can’t send or receive media files via bluetooth and the only way to regain over 1GB of precious space occupied by the cache of installed apps is to delete each app manually – then reinstall them.

If you think about what old phones like the Motorola Razr were capable of doing (send ringtones via bluetooth), the features noted above aren’t really that advanced. These are old standards that the iPhone should’ve innovated on. Apple disregarded how important these features are to helping mobile devices meet the needs of smartphone owners.  They’re features that need to evolve with mobile devices.

Same Old Features

Features that were shunned by Apple have been embraced and innovated on by their competitors. These innovations are quickly becoming standards in mobile devices that the iPhone is still missing.

The first Android phone to support 4G debuted in June 2010 (HTC Evo 4G). The first iPhone to support 4G didn’t appear until October 2012 (iPhone 5). iOS 6 doesn’t compare to the performance and power of Android 4.1 or 4.2 (Jelly Bean). Near-field communication (NFC) is still missing from the iPhone, while Android and Windows Phone manufacturers continue finding new ways to use this amazing technology.

I will give the iPhone the title of best camera, but only because I haven’t played with the Nokia Lumia 920 which sports a camera that has blown away many tech bloggers.

Innovation in Mobile

Google and Samsung understand the need to continue innovating in the mobile arena. Microsoft and Nokia also get this. It shows in the little things they implement in their mobile phones, like NFC, and the way they expect people to use it.

Charge and Stream...Wirelessly!

You can think of NFC as an evolution of bluetooth. Samsung uses NFC in its S-Beam feature in a way that makes NFC look cool. With S-Beam, you place two Samsung devices back to back to transfer a media file. You can use NFC to transfer webpages from Windows Phone to Android. Nokia’s use of NFC and bluetooth to charge the phone’s battery and stream music to a JBL PowerUp speaker is more innovative than any wireless feature the iPhone has ever offered.

Nokia’s use of NFC is most impressive because it makes this type of technology relevant to how people use their phones. This is what innovation in mobile should look like.

Making The Switch

Switching to Android was an easy decision after a few days with a Galaxy Note 2 provided by Samsung. I’ve already reviewed it, but I’ll “note” again that it’s one of the best phones I’ve owned and Android 4.1 is everything I wish iOS was.

The iPhone and iOS used to be leaders in the mobile industry, but they’re not exciting anymore. The user experience is restrictive rather than liberating. iOS apps remain some of the best in the industry, but I’m more interested in seeing those apps branch out of the Apple tree.

In retrospect, this isn’t about the what phone or platform is better. It’s about how mobile devices will meet consumer needs instead of creating unnecessary wants that are influenced by the functionality embed in each device. I’m enjoying what Google and Microsoft bring to the table, but they (Apple included) still have a lot to learn.

Disclosure: The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 mentioned in this article was graciously provided by the good folks at Samsung Mobile US. I paid several pretty pennies for my iPhone.

  • http://brothatech.com/ BrothaTech

    If that new HTC “M7” is as dope as the stats suggest, I may just switch from my iPhone 5 as well. (hopefully HTC is reading your blog posts, lol!)

  • http://shegeeks.net/ Corvida Raven

    Well I’ve been invited to the upcoming press event in NYC. I’m hoping that’s what they announce and that I get a review unit asap. They took a while to send the HTC 8X and I still haven’t had a chance to play with the DNA beyond the press event. If they had gotten me the DNA I might’ve switched to that instead of the Note 2.

    We’ll see what the M7 does though. You an HTC guy?

  • will at Classana

    I’ve been debating with myself for the past several months on whether to switch. I love what Samsung is doing, and handled a friends Nexus the other day and loved it. With my Verizon contract up this month, I’ve been quite perplexed. I have Mac’s everywhere, iPad, MBP, iMacs and Mac Mini’s. This makes it hard for me to break up that consistency with an Android phone — knowing they’re making (arguably) better devices.

  • http://brothatech.com/ BrothaTech

    Yeah, I am – I have the DNA & the 8X and I love the overall design of HTC phones. The only two things I don’t like about the DNA is:

    – At 5.0 inch screen, I want it just a tad smaller
    – At only 16gigs BEFORE the OS and other stuff (not expandable), I want more storage

    The M7 is reported 4.7″ inch screen at 32gigs…

    “Like a glove!”

  • DasithWijesiriwardena

    Go ahead you won’t regret it. Because you never need to plug in your device to a Mac or PC it doesn’t really matter what other devices you have.

  • jnavon

    Simply not correct. So what is so innovative about the Note 2 ? Perhaps its huge size that makes it impossible to operate it with one hand. I have no problem with people that choose Samsung over Apple but arguing that it is because Apple is not innovating is just stupid. Android is an excellent OS but there are huge problems there that you fail to mention: exposure to malware, lower quality of apps, piracy of apps (less incentive for developers) and of course a huge segmentation. Only a few of the Android equipped phones run the “good” versions of Android (last two). The rest all run obsolete software that in many cases can not be upgraded.
    Look, pick the phone you like but innovation Samsung still has to improve a lot its record only to get close to Apple.

  • http://www.coyoteinsight.com/ Bill Matthies

    I’ve never had an iPhone, Android the last two (current one is S III), but I have played with those my son’s have owned. With few exceptions I judge them largely equivalent (the phones, not my sons) and certainly not worthy of the impassioned debate that comes from users of both (in this case, probably both the phones and my sons.)

    I use a Mac desktop and a MacBook Pro, both with Win 8, as well as an iPad I will likely swap for the next gen Android tablet. I am firmly in Google’s cloud and just expect my tablet time will be better as a result. I did stop to play with a Win 8 phone the other day, not sure which one, and found that better than Win 8 on my Macs.

    While I love my Macs, Apple’s closed phone and tablet environments bother me although not for any good reason. It’s not like I’m hacking my Androids and wouldn’t attempt to do so on an iPhone or my iPad either. I suppose it comes down to just because.

  • BigWhoop

    I would say the HTC one x camera is better than iphone’s plus the xperia T is probably better, but either m7 ,
    Or xperia z will kill the iphone camera wise.

  • http://shegeeks.net/ Corvida Raven

    I’ve also had a much better experience with Windows Phone 8 over Windows 8, which is interesting.

  • Blake Bake

    Have you used a Note 2 before? I’ve had it for months and I still am impressed by its polish, innovative features, and more. I have a 4S for work and barely touch it.
    Screen too big? No one that uses it for more than a couple days thinks that’s an issue. If so, guess what? There’s a “one-handed” mode that you can enable on the phone to make it easier..Sounds innovative to me :)
    I can’t count how many Androids I’ve had and I’ve never had issues with malware.
    This isn’t pre 2009 anymore. Apple used to be the clear dominating force in the phone market, but their phones are simply boring and outdated by today’s standards.

  • http://shegeeks.net/ Corvida Raven

    Exposure to malware? This has been a problem with technology since 1998, possibly earlier. Not exclusive to Android and I think I’ve used computers and mobile devices long enough to know what to avoid.

    Lower quality of apps? The definition of quality is personal. Most of the apps I use on Android I find to be of better quality than their android counterparts, though not always.

    Piracy of apps? Umm up until a few months ago Install0us let you pirate some of the most popular iOS apps available. Again, not exclusive to Android. In fact, the only mobile OS that doesn’t seem to deal with this is Windows Phone.

    Segmentation? My iPhone isn’t running on iOS 6 which has prevented me from using quite a few apps. It’s my choice not to upgrade, but I don’t think that should affect the apps that I’m able to use. And yet it does. Same thing with Windows Phone, though the upgrade is less of a choice. Again, not an Android problem only.

    I do agree there’s much improvement to be made, but the first steps are already being taken. We’ll see where things lead.

  • http://shegeeks.net/ Corvida Raven

    I’ve never had a malware issue either and I see a tremendous amount of comments and questions from people when I use my Note 2 in public. People actually like the screen size. They’re curious about it and the Note 2’s gorgeous look in all white doesn’t hurt.

  • dmoulton

    I have been a Mac user for years and I’ve used Android since 2.something. Never had an issue.

  • http://shegeeks.net/ Corvida Raven

    I have an iMac and Macbook Air, plus a few Windows Phone and a Windows 7 PC.

    With the latest android devices I haven’t really needed consistency in OS. Android File Transfer on Mac makes it easy to transfer media and I manage most of my files directly from my phone. If it’s important to keep things in sync with iTunes, then you should check out DoubleTwist or TuneSync: http://shegeeks.net/get-itunes-music-on-android-smartphone/

    Tomorrow I’m posting the apps that I’m using on my Note 2, so stay tuned!

  • Larizard

    it’s that ecosystem trap that was Apple’s plan all along. Remember, they sell you their hardware. Apps are their way of keeping you in their closed garden, and keep you coming back for that next Macbook Air that is 2 millimeters thinner than the one you have.

    But once you get past that, you’ll realize that Android apps are actually on-par with what the App Store has to offer. You’ll appreciate the freedom and ease that comes with using a far superior cloud service, and you’ll never look back.

  • Commentator Prime

    Kudos on the Wonder Woman theme, it gives the phone class beyond the great phone it already is.

  • Zachary Reiss-Davis

    You didn’t actually explain, at all, why you switched to a Galaxy Note 2, as opposed to “a new Android device to replace a two-generation old iOS device”. Makes the title seem somewhat misleading.

  • brainbeat

    I had a 3gs for 3 months was great at time I jail broke to suit my needs then lost it haha.
    Can’t believe you still can’t download natively lol

  • Patrick Quirke

    I too am moving away from iOS for my phone needs. I have a 4s and i will be purchasing in the next few weeks a Nexus 4. I have to go stock android without all that rooting crap that i don’t understand and would never want to keep up with. I am also attracted by the price of the Nexus 4 and the non contract aspect. I love apps i have on my iPad and iPhone but they are starting to slowly move over to Android. I also just starting to do some App Development so i will need to use both OS’s i can use my iPad to test iOS apps and the Nexus 4 for Android. I’m very excited about going back to Android from previously owning a very premature T-Mobile G1 back in the day.

  • will at Classana

    It’s the ecosystem, but also the “world” of Apple that we’re (admittedly, I) sold on. I was a fanboy for so long, now, it’s about detoxing. They sent me the SII to review last year, and I hated it at first, it felt cheap, and I didn’t care for the OS. After awhile, I got comfortable with the OS and started to like it a bit (it still felt cheap though). Then, like I mentioned, I played with a friends Nexus, and it felt like true quality hardware, not cheap plastic.

  • http://www.qaqn.com/ Daniel M. Clark

    You went from an iPhone 4 to a Galaxy Note 2 that you got for free from Samsung.

    Yeah, I’d make that switch, too. Who wouldn’t? A phone two generations behind for a shiny new model… free? Of course. Can I be honest? If you had said that up front instead of waiting until the end, you would have saved me the trouble of reading the rest of your article. I don’t doubt you’re being honest in your assessment of the phone. I wonder though… what would you have said about the iPhone 5 if Apple had given you one for free before Samsung got to you?

  • Jay Chau

    Wow… What kind of lock screen are you using?

  • John Antos

    I Made The Switch After IPhone 3GS To HTC EVO4G and Have Not Looked Back. I Prefer HTC to Samsung, But My Issue With The Pace Of Innovation On Android Is Due To All The Handset Makers Creating Unique Skins That Delay Release Of New Versions Of The Operating System. While I Have Moved The EVO4GLTE, And Am Watching The M7, I Have Been Considering The Next Nexus Phone Instead, To Speed Up Movement To New Versions Of Android.

  • Cesar Noel Quinon

    What I like about the Android is that you don’t need a “middle ground app (Apples’ iTunes)” to install apps.

  • http://shegeeks.net/ Corvida Raven

    I didn’t get into the nuances of what made me switch specifically to the Galaxy Note 2 because that’s all in my review.

    Overall, this these are the things that led to me making a decision to switch to a device that was graciously given to me. The nuances are just personal preferences at the end of the day, which may or may not resonate with others.

  • Oremo Ochillo

    Fantastic review. I like the retro feel of going back to the 90s

  • http://shegeeks.net/ Corvida Raven

    Pause…I paid cash for ALL of my iPhones and you’re jumping on me for being gifted a phone? Excuse me for not being a middle or upper class white guy that can afford to buy phones left and right out of pocket. If Apple gave me an iPhone 5 I wouldn’t switch to it because the experience isn’t different from my iPhone 4. Nothing would change!

    FYI I’ve been given many devices in the past as a tech blogger. None of them caused me to switch to from my iPhone – until now.

  • http://shegeeks.net/ Corvida Raven

    Thank you!

  • http://shegeeks.net/ Corvida Raven

    Love that also!

  • http://shegeeks.net/ Corvida Raven

    Good choices! Stay tuned, I’ll be at the next HTC conference, which I hope will be the announcement of the M7.

  • http://shegeeks.net/ Corvida Raven

    That’s my homescreen and it’s custom.

  • http://www.facebook.com/oracularman Oracular Man

    Have you dropped your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 yet? Please do so from your shoulder or waist height and let me know how many more units is Samsung going to send to you.

  • http://shegeeks.net/ Corvida Raven

    Rooting is definitely not for anyone who doesn’t want to do a little work to their phones. The Nexus 4 is a great deal for all that it offers both as a device and the price points. You really can’t beat that type of deal, but I wish the specs could’ve been a little better. I hear it’s a great phone though. Hope you enjoy it!

    I have an app post coming up tomorrow. Stay tuned!

  • http://shegeeks.net/ Corvida Raven

    Samsung’s selection of materials used in design are not for everyone. But it’s sturdy, which I can’t say about a few other phones.

  • Jay Yeater

    Good post. I’m due for an upgrade soon and am leading towards the Note 2 as well. Just don’t see any reason to use an iPhone anymore. It just works, but I’d rather have something that just amazes me.

  • http://shegeeks.net/ Corvida Raven

    I’m going to be reviewing the 8X soon. I think HTC does a great job on designing their phones these days. The One series and everything since has looked great.

  • http://www.qaqn.com/ Daniel M. Clark

    Whoooooa hang on there. “middle or upper class white guy”? Really? That’s the route you want to take with this? Did I say something about race that makes you think it’s okay to respond to me like that?

    The iPhone 5 is significantly different than the iPhone 4. Going from the 4S to a 5 would be less of an upgrade, but I myself skipped the 4S and waited for the 5 because despite being a “middle class white guy”, I can’t afford to “buy phones left and right” either.

    As I said, I don’t doubt your honesty about your review. I just find it odd that you didn’t give the iPhone 5 a chance before trashing it in a review of a phone you were given for free.

    Feel free to have the last word. I’m not getting further into a conversation with someone who, out of the blue, insults me with accusations of race and class like that. Have a nice night.

  • Ozzie Theoz

    I hope you are happy with your cheap knockoff of Apple’s innovations. If you know anything about the last 50 years of American technology you would know that the vast majority of technological innovations of the 21st century, largely by American companies, was stolen by foreign companies. Furthermore, because of the vast slave labor of the developing countries, such as China, they have managed to infiltrate our economy and dilute American companies profitability by charging vastly less for there knockoffs.

  • Shuvalov 18+fckputin

    Well Android is for computer geeks, iPhone is for white-haired executives, lawyers, doctors and RE agents, and will remain so. None of the people on this page belong to the iPhone targeted group.

  • Zafir Abutalib

    Dude, Samsung owns apple tech man. The motherboard for 3g and what not is samsung. The processors in iphone4-5 i believe is samsung. apple is samsung’s BIGGEST customer. apple sues for stupid shit like the rectangular shape of the sII being too much like iphone (sorry for making a phone look like a phone) and when you scroll too much the page bounced which is like apple but they changed that since. samsung should sue for apple using the exact same tech for the 4g lte capability or other stuff. the only innovation apple has ever done for the phone is make a touch screen smartphone actually smart. the rest of the innovations have been achieved by google and microsoft

  • Eric Young

    All your ignorance and confusion and hate will simply fade away as soon as you trade in your iphone for an android.

  • Eric Young

    I have zero problems with my note 2. Jealousy? Envy?

  • Rick Swartz

    Solid review! I own both Note iterations, so I’m probably somewhat biased, but I truly believe the Note 2 is the best phone on the market right now. On a related note: I find that my tablets have between collecting dust since I’ve gotten the Note 2. There just isn’t any real need to pack another device when the Note has the same functions and more.

  • http://www.facebook.com/wghall29 William Hall

    Nor have I ever had a malware issue.

  • Mario Charles

    Beautifully articulated I’ve been saying this for while, Apple needs to make some significant change in their next phone (which will probably be 5s) in which case they will end up loosing a lot of customers because all they will do is make the screen sharper smh.

  • Basil3

    The funny thing is, Apple have forgotten how to innovate. I can’s remember the last one of their tv ads that featured something that hasn’t already featured on Android for quite some time.
    Apple is still cool though. My girlfriend’ s teenage daughter has an iPhone 4s, but she would constantly be using my girlfriend’s Galaxy S3 or my note 2 whenever she gets the chance. If we were to buy her a new phone, what would it be? IPhone 5 of course, because it’s still ‘cooler’.

  • Pratz43

    Apple had to go with ristrictions to make the os simple to use nd hassle free for normal user who are not into tech but from the introduction of smartphones in 2007 people changed a lot they know more about their phone so even apple should realise that and should change os in alot ways, saying that i would still encourage some ristrictions which gives hassle free use daily without having to figure out what’s happening with my phone and having to ask a techie to find it out

  • John Beebe

    I see more then a few comments about Samsung phones being plastic. According to an article in the NY Times last year on the technology page if you want a phone with NFC it has to be plastic. The signal is so weak the least bit of metal, such as the back of the iPhone5 will either block or disrupt the signal to make it useless.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001125400861 Isn’t Man

    I am about to switch from SIII to Note 2

  • Myk Kehr

    Then absolutely go with the Note 2… you’ll be bragging about your phone for months, to anyone that will listen. This phone greatly exceeded my expectations. It has completely renewed my interest in app exploration too.

  • Ben Helton

    Apple is of phone’s as Kim Kardashian is to perfume. Makes it Sexy, puts a big name on it, then… you can take a so-so chinese product and over price it and and clear HUGE margins. The biggest reason this country ‘was’ so in love with Apple and didn’t realize it; their outrageous ability to make All-American profits. When everybody started realizing the competition had better devices for half the price, you started getting this rivalry you are so bitter about…

    Android is free-market. iOS is eco-systematically run to be self serving above all else, ultimately, bad for the product in general. Google came in like Microsoft did in the 90’s. “Hey nice business, we’ll go ahead and do that better…”

    Apple (with over 80% of it’s profits coming from TWO products) will most likely be in the same trouble they were in the late 90’s… (See last 3-month period of stock ticker AAPL)

  • ButcherChop

    My sister just went from an old Android phone (2.1) to a new iPhone 5. She blamed the Android when it was really just a dated OS. She’s looking for a laptop and was going to buy a Chrome Book, mainly for Google Docs, nothing fancy. Well, turns out she’s trapped. She needs to buy a Macbook now because the Chrome Book doesn’t have iTunes support. Now instead of spending $200 on a CB, she now has to spend $1300 for a Macbook Pro. She should of just gotten a Nexus 4.

  • Michael Collins

    Rooting is Extremely easy these days… especially on a Nexus device (download a program, Click root. done.) Its also very handy. Allows you to Backup your apps and data from those apps on the SD or Cloud(with an app (Titanium Backup))….and much more. Look into it, it might be something worth checking out. I bought a droid 1 the day it came out, not knowing anything about the OS, a couple weeks later, rooted, rom’d, loved it even more! Trust me, back then, it was much more difficult. …sorry about the rant, just saying the Android Community is amazing.

  • Kevin Niven

    I have to agree on the race card. Also most middle class white guys I know are trying to pay the bills and keep food on the table. None that I know are constantly buying new phones.

  • eDDi Hughes

    bro do you even lift¿

  • Garren

    You’re an uneducated Dork who doesn’t know what he is talking about nor are you looking at the facts.
    Firstly just two days ago the recent facts show Apple are ahead in the USA as well as globally in smartphone sales. Secondly I spent seven months doing an analysis for a private school on whether they should use Android based or iOS based devices. The results were scary. To cut a long story short when the US army, Boing and Ford will not allow android devices on their networks you have to wonder what it is that they know and we don’t….

  • Israel Lai

    “The iPhone 5 is significantly different than the iPhone 4.” Of course, Apple made the biggest change to iPhone ever! The actually elongated the screen! Doesn’t make it fully justify the choice of an iPhone over other devices?

  • Sanved_Tapkeer

    Nice post , Read how to overclock galaxy ace plus – http://www.sanvedtapkeer.com/2013/01/galaxy.ace.plus.oc.html

  • James H

    “Lower quality of apps”? I’m not sure that a phone’s OS should be held responsible for the quality level the app developer decides to make the app, unless you feel that it is responsibility of the OS to police, dictate, and restrict how every app from every app developer is made. The apps I use which also have iOS versions (ie, Instagram, Facebook, Foursquare, etc) seem to provide similar experiences on both platforms. If Facebook for Android appears to be of “lower quality” than Facebook for iOS does this mean that Android has a huge problem? Or should the Facebook app developer be to blame?

  • Zachary Reiss-Davis

    That makes the piece even worse, in my opinion, since while you wrote the disclosure that you were given the phone in your review, you *need* to put that disclosure in this article as well!

  • Frank Velázquez

    So, what exactly has the iPhone 5 improved on? Turn by Turn Navigation that Android have since 2007, not to mention that the IOS maps is worthless. Or is it the Bigger screen and the LTE connectivity?

    It is not innovation if is catching up to other products. Apple used to innovate with their products, but those times are long gone.

  • http://shegeeks.net/ Corvida Raven

    I NEVER trashed the iPhone. In fact, I didn’t trash anything in this article. I pointed out of the flaws of the iOS platform that make it impossible for me to continue using the ONLY device that supports it.

    As an iPhone 4 owner, what makes YOU think I haven’t given the iPhone 5 a chance? It’s the only brand of phone I’ve owned since 2008. My due for an upgrade and, again, I’ve been given many phones for free and review, but none of them made me switch from the iPhone.

    I don’t need to give the phone a chance because that’s just a shell for the platform (iOS) and I already gave that a chance since 2008. So, the point of my article is not about getting a new phone, but a different mobile experience that I think is arguably better than the previous.

    FYI, you continue IMPLY that you doubt the honesty of this review because you’re reason for even leaving a comment was to point out that the phone was given to me – as it was for MANY other tech bloggers (whom are predominately white males with middle to upper class income). I never said YOU were that person. I don’t know you dude.

  • http://shegeeks.net/ Corvida Raven

    And most that I know are. I guess it just depends on who you hang around.

  • http://shegeeks.net/ Corvida Raven

    I did disclose that dude, please read:
    “So, when the good folks at Samsung sent me a Galaxy Note 2, I didn’t hesitate to make a switch.”

  • http://shegeeks.net/ Corvida Raven

    Samsung recently sent me a Galaxy Note 10.1. Though it functions a lot like my Note 2, I still use my Note 2 more.

  • http://shegeeks.net/ Corvida Raven

    lol very funny.

  • http://shegeeks.net/ Corvida Raven

    Link anyone?

  • Zachary Reiss-Davis

    Fair point. And maybe I’m too sensitive about this kind of thing, but I would prefer a more explicit disclosure statement, preferably at the top (but bottom is better than in-line). Obviously, it’s your web property, and you can feel free to ignore critiques, but I did re-skim the article before replying to you, and missed that line.

  • http://shegeeks.net/ Corvida Raven

    Now you’re doubting the customer. The things that apple removed are features people were already using from older phones, some of which I point out in the article. They assumed people don’t know things, but they do.

    They made the interface a lot easier to use, which I think was directly related to the screen being bigger. The iOS would not work on a flip phone.

    Still, people are becoming way more proficient at using their mobile devices. My mom recently called me asking if her SII can also do S-Beam. She’s not into tech, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want the features that could help her do the things she wants to do with her phone.

  • Joshua Javier

    I’ve made the switch and the things the Note 2 can do still surprises me to this day.

  • Jordan Kochis

    Wait… What? Let me address your ridiculous claims in the order they occur…

    Have you decided to change what the word ‘media’ means, or are you seriously claiming that iPhones can’t send/recieve pictures, videos, etc? iPhones can most definitely send/receive media. How in the world did you come to that conclusion? If you want to save a picture, hold your finger on it and tap “Save Image” when it pops up… If you want to send one, most apps just let you import stuff directly from the app. If not, you can do it directly from the camera roll. Did you even look online for how to do it, or did you just conclude that something so simple must clearly be impossible and start hand-jammin’ this article?

    Yes, you’re right! You do, indeed, have to delete things to clear up space! That’s uh…how computers work… What does that have to do with anything?

    I would argue that the person who still sends ringtones via bluetooth is the one that needs to evolve. Do you still hand write letters to your friends as well? There are countless websites dedicated solely to providing free ringtones legally. If you like to pay for things that are already free, Apple even took the time make a GUI in iTunes to let someone create a ringtone from just about any audio file and push it to their phone. You uh…keep sending ringtones via bluetooth and handwriting letters, though.

    I stopped reading after the “Limitations of the 90s” section. You aren’t making any sense…

  • Mathieu

    Huge size?
    Please… how many smartphone users still try to operate their phone with one hand?
    A lot of people who haven’t really tried “huge size” phone are still convinced that they are too big but the ones who try them, like them.
    Bigger screen = bigger virtual keyboard = easier to read = more text on the screen = more battery = bigger pictures = bigger videos…

    Exposure to malware ?
    Please tell me how many Android users have malware issues (compare to Windows XP users for instance) ?
    Android is a open modern operating system and there is no way to get malware without installing them yourself.
    Stop reading anti-virus companies PR, they are desperate to find a platform with viruses and malwares now that most operating system are secure.

    Apps piracy?
    Have you actually tried to pirate a paid app on Android? It’s not that easy if the developer has done a great job.
    Of course, Google isn’t giving you a false sense of protection by closing the platform (have you heard about Cydia on jailbroken iOS?)

    Huge segmentation?
    Oh my god ? Having to support 2 operating system version (Android 2.3 and Android 4.x account for 99% of the market) … tell me about it. Web developers have to support 10s of different desktop and mobile web browsers and no one is complaining too much about that.

    In 2012, Samsung sold as much smartphone as Apple and Nokia combined so customers have spoken about which company is behind the other one.

  • Pratz43

    When i mean restictions i don’t mean the sharing of media files but downloading third party applications directly from the web page and some stuff like that . When coming to not being able to share media content through bluetooth it is because the problems faced by the entertainment industry before the introduction of itunes and it also encrouing you to pay for what you use

  • IPD

    You really haven’t used an iPhone or iPad recently have you?

    I bought an iPad for my daughter at Christmas and it hasn’t seen the light of day of a PC or Mac.

    All of the apps that she needs can be reloaded from iCloud. I can even load her iPad with an exact

    replica or mine.

    Although I agree that Samsung and Google have made great strides and I applaud everyone for having their own thoughts on their respected devices, I cannot tolerate this incessant ignorance about devices that people either obviously do not own or have their own agenda.

  • DasithWijesiriwardena

    I’m referring to Android devices in the above post and replying to the OP because he is hesitant thinking having a Mac will inhibit from using an Android device properly.

    Funny you should mention “incessant ignorance”. I can only assume Ignorance must be bliss. It doesn’t matter what other devices you have because most Android phones have Micro USB, HDMI and DLNA support and are not locked down to proprietary standards. Not to mention you don’t even have to have the device in your hand to install apps, you can install apps and manage your movie rentals and music purchases directly through the Google Play store via any web browser.

    FYI I have an iPhone 4 and (had) a iPad 3 which both have iOS 6 so don’t have to preach to me. I have all the information and experience needed to make an informed decision that Android suits my needs better.

  • Andre Outlaw

    I remember when I sold my last iPhone (3Gs). I sold my apple account with it. I knew that I wouldn’t be back and wouldn’t be able to use the apps or movies that I had already purchased.

    I currently have the Galaxy Nexus which I’m very happy with. My next phone will most likely be the Note 3 (when it’s released).

    I’ve not looked back and I’ve had no envy over what Apple has brought out.I can’t think of any app that I’ve seen on the wife’s iPad where that made me wish I stayed with Apple. The wife on the other hand hasn’t see the All Share Cast that I’ve setup on the PC yet. All the movies, music, pictures, and documents on the PC is now available on my Note 10.1 as long as I have a Wi-Fi connection.

    That is going to cause some serious envy.

  • http://raszl.com/ iraszl

    I tried Android twice and I’m continuously disappointed even with the flagship Google products. They are good, but have many small annoying performance issues, missing features, inconsistencies and ugly design elements. I see no benefits on Android that would help me work faster or more efficient. I can’t even download a zip or rar file from Gmail. WTF!

    And there are many downsides. Most cool apps and concepts come out for iOS first. Like Vine nowadays. But the same was true for Instagram. By the time you get the Android app which is slightly buggier and uglier the whole thing is not interesting anymore. So for play clearly iOS is a winner now.

    I don’t think you need to pick a side. You can have both and use for various purposes. You can have an iOS phone and an Android tablet or vica versa to get the best of both worlds.

  • http://raszl.com/ iraszl

    “they’re making (arguably) better devices” They don’t. Don’t fall for it. I bought several and was disappointed with both hardware and software. But you should experiment nevertheless.

  • http://brothatech.com/ BrothaTech

    Yeah, I am – I have the DNA & the 8X and I love the overall design of HTC phones. The only two things I don’t like about the DNA is:

    – At 5.0 inch screen, I want it just a tad smaller
    – At only 16gigs BEFORE the OS and other stuff (not expandable), I want more storage

    The M7 is reported 4.7″ inch screen at 32gigs…

    “Like a glove!”

  • http://shegeeks.net/ Corvida Raven

    Full disclosures are usually posted at the bottom of the review. However, let’s be honest, I’m a tech blogger. Just about every product I review was given to me. Some for keeps, some only for two weeks. It varies by company and product.

    I’m not sure how you think a tech blogger would survive if they weren’t given at least 90% of the devices they review. The disclosure is technically unnecessary if you ask me because it’s pretty obvious that I can’t afford this much tech out of pocket and I wouldn’t buy them all even if I could.

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  • http://www.joesdaily.com/ Joe’s Daily

    Girl! You know you’ll never get me to switch from Apple ;)

    ps: I totally agree with all of what you said in these comments. Almost died laughing at how people don’t get what it’s like to receive free things and how the whole system works. I get similar comments like that and people always harp on me saying good things because the company sent it to me. FALSE!!!!

  • hly

    Phones aside-I have the s3 and plan to upgrade to a note soon-where did you get the Wonder Woman screen & buttons? Love it!

  • JA2BK

    Although late to this debate in the discussion, I find some of the comments odd. I use both an S3 and an iPhone 4 (and have handled an iPhone 5 sufficiently) and I found her comments spot on. No matter how much you love an iPhone, you have to admit it not doing what any dumphone can do is not the best of ideas. I understand why they were done, but the argument doesn’t hold much water when content is in Play Store and now even Blackberry World for devices that don’t have those restrictions. Devices that are now outnumbering iOS devices at that.

    With that said, I do have some gripes about Android as well. But, I would need a blog post of my own. lol.

  • JA2BK

    did my comment just disappear?

  • Anthony Winters

    Read your comments and I agree with you. HOWEVER you do know that there is s current multi platform O S that workes between windows ios and android. So one can only hope that Between the three of them one clown gets it right. Im a great believer in open source code hence the reason lynux is the core kerrnal for Android and the inherent stability that kerrnal brings. MICROSOFT is a joke and looses parts of its registry on a daily basis. Mac os is very stable but lacks teeth just like the Os in the I phone. I feel open source code is the only way developers have any chance of giving us a modern stable multi platform os that can have integration for U.S.B 3 bluetooth two and the variety of new transmission protocols that the next twenty years will require for hard firm and software integration that works flawlessly for not only us but the devices that the concept of plug and play was meant to deal with only in a wirless environment. I hope I can be of further assistance to your good self. TONY WINTERS B.S.C Electrical Engineering and Microsoft certified Engineer with over 33 years on the tools. Please dont hesitate if I can be of assistance to you.

    Kind Regards

    Tony Winters B.S.C HONS

  • JA2BK

    not sure this reply was intended for me

  • http://shegeeks.net/ Corvida Raven

    I can share media files via bluetooth and NFC from a lot of devices. Not sure what problems from the entertainment industry have to do with it. The ability to send a music file via bluetooth is old news, unless you’re using an iPhone.

  • http://shegeeks.net/ Corvida Raven

    Custom wallpaper. Icons are called Pushy – http://justreveal.net/2012/12/14/pushy-icons/

  • http://shegeeks.net/ Corvida Raven

    All I can do is shake my head at those people.

  • http://shegeeks.net/ Corvida Raven

    I’ve used the flagship Google products but I wouldn’t own one. Those small annoyances become big problems over time.

    As for the zip problem, you just made me aware of it because no one emails me zip files. They usually email me a link to download the zip, which avoids the Gmail problem. There are apps out there to circumvent this though.

    I never said Android was perfect. I just see it advancing in capabilities as a platform much faster than iOS no matter how many apps come out for it first. iOS is only a clear winner in app design and functionality. But the platform isn’t up to speed when it comes to meeting my needs.

    No side has technically been picked. I simply switched. I carry around and use a Lumia 820 (courtesy of Nokia) almost as much as my Galaxy Note 2. Windows Phone and Android are in the limelight for me. I’ve put iOS on pause until Apple comes out with something exciting.

  • http://shegeeks.net/ Corvida Raven

    To your first point: you’re right, it can send media. I’ve updated the post to clarify that it can’t do this over bluetooth, which was a basic function of many phones in the 90s and early 2000s.

    To your point about space: no one uninstalls an application to clear the cache of that app. There are apps and options that allow you to do this. It’s a basic feature of your browser, in fact. Go do your homework.

    The person who still sends ringtones via bluetooth does not need to evolve. Access to better technologies needs to evolve. This is NOT about buying ringtones, but about SHARING media – something that I frequently do with my friends in my neighborhood (and I’m sure you do the same). The difference is that the music my friends and I listen to isn’t available on commercial platforms because that’s not how the artists we follow release their music. iTunes also requires a computer for one reason or another – this is a step backwards if you ask me. I don’t need a computer to manipulate media on Android devices.

    Maybe your sensibilities are what really need to evolve because you seem to find it difficult to grasp how others, who are not YOU, have to use technology to suit THEIR needs – not yours.

  • Abhinav

    nope u r totally wrong.irrespective of what the above bloggers have posted I suggest u try a nexus instead of a sammy or htc

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  • Roman Caballero

    How do you get free stuff?