Twitter’s New Redesign


I just logged into Twitter and after sending a direct message from the Twitter homepage my screen showed this:


new twitter theme

At first I thought Firefox was going haywire on me. However, this is not the case. It seems Twitter is testing a new theme design and one that I’m not quite sure how I feel about.

What’s New

  • Tabs are now to the right of the screen
  • You can see the number of direct messages you have (not sure if that was there before)
  • Time stamps and “from” stamp are in italics
  • Latest tweet has been pushed under the "message box
  • Reply and Favorite shortcuts now appear as you hover over a message
  • If someone sent a message via text, the txt link takes you to the Official Twitter Commands page
  • The previous update also does the same for Twhirl, Twitterrific, and Twittelator. Meaning it takes you to their respective homepages
  • The search box was also moved (Thanks Orli!)

Not a huge or even drastic change, but a surprising one nonetheless. What do you think of the rearrangement?


It seems they’ve reverted back. To quote Chrissie Brodigan:

chrissieb ROFL – opps, apparently someone pushed the wrong button. FAIL! half a minute ago from web.

  • pixelbud

    I don't like where they put the ” Latest tweet ” — the update button looks out of place. Latest tweet should be above or below the input area.

    Also its hard to tell which tab is active. Would be nice if the ” inactive ” tabs were an alternate color to help distinguish. ( Or if they didn't have a color. )

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  • dan90266

    Thank goodness they rolled that back!

  • inko9nito

    Looks kinda myspacey, except with profile box on the right.

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  • sarahintampa

    Ick. Do Not Want.

  • Lolagrrl

    I hope to God they don't think that's an improvement. Twitter suddenly looked like every other crappy “Web 2.0” UI out there. Next thing you know, they're gonna change their name to Pownce.

    oops! Did I say that out loud? ;D

  • notronwest

    Everybody is a critic these days – use Digsby or Twirl or other services – they are better and you don't have to care what the web site looks like =)

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  • anthonybarba

    I use twitter almost everywhere but; digsby on my desktop, twitterberry on my blackberry and now loving this The current beta code is pingsource.

    BTW: Twitter is still down for maintenance.

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  • Jay

    That bit about linking to the services' respective homepages was already there. So was the number of direct messages.

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  • cisnky

    I wish they reverted to a working version.

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  • Rebecca

    I like the new design!

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  • courtney

    Hopefully they bring the new design back!

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  • dotlizard

    i think the screenshot provided represents a vast improvement in their UI, and i hope to see it return soon. oh, and they always showed how many DMs, it just wansn't really somewhere you'd notice that much.

  • Ian Cheung

    I'm usually a fan of minimal. so first reaction was positive. The layout and use of space makes every category very clear. Mind you, there's not a ton of info they need to hand out. An indication on unread direct messages would be good though.

  • wijoo

    Unfortunatelly, I can't do anything cool with my twitter design..
    I have seen some great designs, but they were based on the bacground Jpg.
    Can't find a usefull tip on how to design my twitter homepage.

  • jeery

    The free bird picture,birds videos and more types of birds About Us in the

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  • Racing Schools

    I still prefer the previous Twitter version.

  • SEO Singapore

    The thing about how the Web 2.0 companies keep on reinventing themselves is already a phenomenon. The rest of the world just can't keep up with the pace.

  • Michael Patch

    I love the new design. It rocks

  • pimotor

    The new design's really awesome if you ask me.

  • The Meta Secret

    The new design's pretty slick and has a cleaner look and feel.

  • Motorsport Experience

    It took a while for me to get used to it initially. The thing that made it really stand out for me it's the cyan colour user ids which is my favorite color.

  • Singapore Hotel

    It's going so fast that I can't seem to catch up. I've got this feeling that it's overheated and going into overdrive.

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    The latest design has a good UI and its design is also simple and nice.

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    The new design looks more feminine. I kind of like it.

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    very cool and pretty nice redesign of twitter. they can improve better after this to get some extra benefit from tweet…

  • James HS

    I really like the new design! looks very clean cut…

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    just login into my twitter account (after 2 months did not using it), it damn quit smooth and i like the new design,

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    I love the new design too ! Thanks for the update !

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  • Busby Test

    nice redesign, thinking again to join twitter

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    Frankly, nothing to crow or twit about. Simplicity is great but its too ordinary for such an awesome site. Maybe should consider changing the color to complement the twitty bird…

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    I like the new design!

  • gochi

    Looks good i think they are adding some new features as well.

  • Obat Kanker

    I like the new look. It looks more feminine.

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    I like the current Twitter design most of all. I hope it won't be changed soon.

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    The new layout is much more friendly than before.

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  • Lina

    i think the screenshot provided represents a vast improvement in their UI, and i hope to see it return soon. oh, and they always showed how many DMs, it just wansn't really somewhere you'd notice that much.

  • Original London Tour

    I really should spend more time on twitter but I just cant be bothered. Facebook is bad enough.

  • Liontin

    Twitter is going better and better. I love the simple design.

  • Whereisaron

    I think the rearrangement is better than before, and people more like the simple design.

  • Finddiet

    I like it! Very simple but effective in the same time.

  • Finddiet

    I like it! Very simple but effective in the same time.

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  • zygella

    Looks pretty. Lot better then the old design.

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    I think I prefer this design to the new one they have now.

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    Easy to use too.

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    I totally agree – really awesome and mesmerizing

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