The Future Of Email Is Safe


EmailAlex Iskold has an insightful article on ReadWriteWeb asking “Is Email in Danger?”. I love the way he breaks down why email may be facing competition. Overall, it’s a must read if you’re a heavy email, Twitter, or forum user.

Alex goes on to ask the following: “What do you think about the future of email? How have your communication patterns been evolving? What communication tools do you prefer to email?”

Email is and will probably be safe for at the very least another decade or so. All the tools that we use, especially Twitter, are early adopter tools. Early adopters are more adept at using other forms of communication than the rest of the world including enterprises.

  • Instant messaging is most popular amongst teens and early adopters.
  • Forums are also popular amongst teens and people who have an interest in specific niches like gamers
  • Blogs are catching on, but still mainly limited to early adopters and teens
  • Twitter…..that’s all about early adopters

    Email Is Still My Most Used Tool For Communicating

    blog Email is still a main form of communication everywhere. It’s how my family gets in touch with me because they don’t know how to install let alone operate instant messaging programs. They have no clue what a forum is and don’t have time for blogs.

While my communication patterns now include the use of instant messaging and Twitter now more than ever, for business and even for more personal things, email is where the majority of my activity resides (surprisingly). I prefer Twitter or even a phone call to email just because it has the appearance of being more instantaneous. However, for heavier things and things that I’ll need to remember later on, “email me” is what I’ll tell all my contacts to do.

When I need something sent as an attachment, email is where I turn. There are certain things that these other forms of communication cannot fulfill. Email will always have its uses. It’s convenient. Everyone knows how to use it and there are a million ways to manage it. So is email safe? Yes, and I don’t think other forms of communication will ever be a true competitor to email.

  • gwalter

    For me, over the last couple of years, email is more of a communication input – I find myself replying less and less. Indeed, there are some uses of email (time shifting convos, communicating with groups, setting appts, etc) that make it easy. But I agree that apps like Twitter and various forums allow for more of a community feel to the conversation – and therefore are more appealing.

  • Hutch Carpenter

    I can see a subtle change over time in the way email is used. Less as a communication between people, and more as a notification device when someone replies back to you via the other types of communications. Twitter DMs are essentially emails, and I find out about them via actual email.

  • ashrafism

    I think that there is plenty of room for e-mail to improve. That said, it will still leads the pack of communication applications/platforms; for a simple reason its simplicity.

  • Albert Willis

    Good points. As early adopters of new technology, we have lots of choices for communicating; most people are mostly doing email and maybe IM. Twitter, FriendFeed, Plurk, etc. aren't mainstream tools–at least not yet.

    Email is going to be with us for a long time.

  • Avatar

    E-mail is safe for the foreseeable future because:

    1.-it is evolving. it is not like the evolution of E-mail has ever stopped.
    2.-It will eventually be “live”. when E-mail gets to be as live as twitter. what would be E-mail shortcoming then? = none
    3.-E-mail will go the same way start pages did. it will become a Social Networking hub all by itself. a simple look at yahoo e-mail demo from CES, Gmail concepts for the future , the new AOL mail done in silverlight and MS own e-mail version done in silverlight tapped with Windows Live Services API`s (yeah, i know very few people have seen the theoretical scenarios around that, but still) and you got that E-mail can be the most powerful thing for communication.

    So. yeah E-mail is not going anywhere for the foreseeable future. i think the next time people get to discuss if E-mail is going away will be by 2020. :P

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  • Gabriel Suppiah

    I am pretty sure Email is not safe with the loads of junk mail I receive.

  • Gabriel Suppiah

    I am pretty sure Email is not safe with the loads of junk mail I receive.

  • Gabriel Suppiah

    I am pretty sure Email is not safe with the loads of junk mail I receive.