March Madness: Apple Versus Amazon, iPad Versus Kindle

Apple is taking over the world, one iStore at a time. It started wth iTunes Store and skyrocketed with the App Store. Now some of us are waiting with curiosity and anticipation of the iBook Store. Apple announced the new Apple iPad to  were many praises and pauses across the web. We’re waiting to see if Amazon Kindle’s ebook reader crown is something the Apple iPad might look better in.kingofebooks

The Apple iPad

The iPad stands at:
  • 9.7 inches, .5 inches thin, and 1.5lbs
  • Multi-touch
  • Holds up to 64GB of flash storage
  • Powered by Apple’s very own 1Ghz Apple A4 chip
  • 10 hour batter life / 30 days standby time
  • Starting price: $499 (Kindle starts at $259)
It also runs just about every iPhone app available for download. Yes, iPhone apps! There’s 140,000 of them and you might be looking forward to curling up with the iPad and a few faves. That is unless you’re Amazon.

The iBook Store

What’s the deal with Amazon? Not only did Apple release a new device, but a new ebook app directory called iBook Store. The iBook Store will allow for browsing and purchasing of books directly from the iPad. It will support ePub formatted books, which is are supported by the Sony Reader and Adobe Digital Editions for desktops. It makes the iPad one of the biggest potential competitors for the Amazon Kindle, which really had no competition up until now. Apple also enlisted five large publishers to join in on the world domination:
  • Penguin
  • Harper Collins
  • Macmillan
  • Hachette Book Group
  • Simon & Schuster
Suites like iWork have been completely revamped for the iPad and iPhone app developers will be allowed to take advantage of the extra real estate. The event begs the question, will the Amazon Kindle survive?

Apple iPad VS Amazon Kindle

There’s no denying that Apple is encroaching on Amazon’s grounds with iBookstore and the iPad. Apple is playing catch-up in field of ebook readers, but they already have an advantage considering the platform that the iPad is built from. The transition is a natural one for iPhone owners. Plus, the iPad would probably get picked up more often than the Kindle on looks alone. If iBookstore spreads to the iPhone the Amazon Kindle will be in serious trouble.But Amazon has firm following of die hard Kindle owners. Plus, almost everyone goes to Amazon to buy books at discounted prices. If we’re going by Apple’s music model, ebooks might be dirt cheap. Cheaper or on par with the $9.99 cost of most Kindle downloads.Look, I only want to know one thing from you:
  • Will you even buy the iPad?
  • robertnelson

    I am not sure about most, but I have, love and regularly use my Kindle. That said, the iPad will (or should) run the Kindle app that is already on the iPhone. I may end up selling my Kindle and just using the Kindle app on the iPhone and iPad. And continue to purchase my books where my current collection is, with Amazon. So Apple may sell me an iPad, but Amazon will still get all of my book purchases.

  • melissabrabham

    The iPad is slowly but surely taking over in its competitors arena. Although its more effective than a clunky notebook and more effecient than an iPod touch..what does it really offer. Apple has a recipe and marketing strategy that no one can comoete with besides Google.

  • Corvida Raven

    Do you think the ease of buying apps from iBook will ever sway your buying decision Robert? I'm not sure how easy it is to buy from the Kindle app on the iPhone. Please share your experience with it.

  • Corvida Raven

    It doesn't offer anything that's not already on the market. The only difference is it's form, but it's not a trend-setting difference or even a major difference. It's just…a difference. You're right, Apple is the only company that could pull this off.

  • lisa01

    Same price, more functionality – I think it will be a close one…

  • robertnelson

    I would imagine the iBook store will be a good experience, and easy to use. As far as buying with the Kindle, its easy on the actual Kindle, not quite as easy from the Kindle app on the iPhone. But more often than not I browse and purchase my Kindle books online and just send them to my devices. So at least for me, my habit will essentially remain the same.

  • Metro Singapore Escort Service

    I don't agree. With more functions. I believe apple will be the winner

  • iPad Accessories

    I definitely agree with that iPad is easier to handle than netbook and more effective than iPod. This post is really informative.

  • Android Blog

    iPad really differs from kindle! First of all it's multitouch, it's colorful, and besides all this it has many other awsome features! Have a look yourself.