How Nokia Got Their Groove Back With The Lumia 925

Lumia 925 + Purity Pro Headphones

Two years ago, Nokia wasn’t making much noise in the US mobile industry. Their first US Windows Phone devices – Lumia 900 and 920 – were less than stellar in sales and performance. The title for camera phone king rested tightly on the head of Apple’s iPhone and arguably still does. Fortunately for Nokia, they’re getting their groove back with the Lumia 925. It’s what Nokia’s first Windows Phone should’ve been: thin and light with a banging camera! Better late than never, right?

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Nokia Enlightens Windows Phone With The Lumia 900

“What is that?” my aunt asked with eyes as wide as her smile. That’s the usual reaction I’ve received when using the Nokia Lumia 900. Sleek, bold, and beautiful, the Lumia 900 is eye-catching. Just looking at it makes you want to pick it up and find out what it can do. Its impressive design packs quite the punch, but with all that beauty you’re left wishing its brains worked just a little bit better.

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Why Gravity Is The Best Symbian Mobile Twitter Client

what's cookin on twitter I’ve been playing with Gravity a Twitter app for symbian phones across numerous Nokia devices like the Nokia E75 and the N97 and I must say that I absolutely love this Twitter client. It’s my favorite app on my N97 and I secretly wish it were on my iPhone. Developer @Janole has done a fantastic job on designing and developing a comprehensive Twitter client for the Symbian mobile platform.

Featuring multi-account support, compatibility with Laconica accounts,, and groups, Gravity also excels where most symbian clients fail: a beautiful UI!

gravity ss1

Easily reply, retweet, Twitpic, forward, favorite, and view content (including urls to hashtags) in one easy step. Kinetic scroll support simplifies scrolling through your Twitter stream of updates. Icon notifications located at the top make for easy and unobtrusive updates on new replies or direct messages. Gravity is also great for catching up with Twitter trends or saved searches on the go.

The developer has recently release beta support for Facebook. While the support is basic, featuring only the ability to see your stream, comment, and like and item, it’s a good start that you can look forward to seeing further development for.

My experience with Gravity has been nothing but spectacular. From the client to Janole’s exceptional customer support on Twitter,Gravity is definitely worth the inexpensive $9.95 price tag.

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