Mobile’s New Underdog: LG G2 Review

The Optimus G Pro marked the beginning of a shift in design for LG. That shift continues with the minimal, gleaming and beautiful LG G2.  Looks are enough to catch attention, but LG is going to need more than a good looking phone to make the G2 a success on par with Samsung and Apple’s lineup. So, can the LG G2 work as well as it looks? Read on to find out.

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LG Optimus G Pro Review: More Brains Than Beauty

LG Optimus G Pro (Full)

Android may be dominated by Samsung and HTC, but LG is making some noise in the arena as well. LG’s Nexus 4 sold out in less than 30 minutes, though their Optimus G was a flop in comparison to competitors like the Galaxy Note 2. With the Optimus G Pro LG takes another swing at creating a “phablet”. The Optimus G Pro is quite the powerhouse, but can all that power compensate for an incredibly boring design?

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