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Pixel 2 Review: Better Than The Rest

The first Pixel was one of the best Android phones of 2017 with one of the best smartphone cameras to boot. Its biggest disappointment was in its design. It looked like a lazy copy of the iPhone made of metal instead of glass. The Pixel 2 looks to repeat most of these successes and failures, […]

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Android Instant Apps Explained

In the near future, Android users may be able to use apps without installing them thanks to Android Instant Apps. Here’s a rundown of what Instant Apps are and what they mean for you.

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Google Chrome Comes To The iPhone And iPad

The Safari mobile browser for iOS has become a staple in the mobile industry. It raised the bar for mobile browsers and pushed the envelope on the standards that people who’ve owned an iPhone expect from native apps – not to mention the mobile web. Unfortunately, most of these benefits are currently limited to the […]

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