Looking Back At The Moto X

Moto X Back (1st Gen & 2nd Gen)

Less is more when it comes to the Moto X, which is exactly why it’s one of the most attractive smartphone lineups on the market. Here’s a look back at what made the first and second generation Moto X so refreshing and how they made loyal users of many, including me.

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Mobile’s New Underdog: LG G2 Review


The Optimus G Pro marked the beginning of a shift in design for LG. That shift continues with the minimal, gleaming and beautiful LG G2.  Looks are enough to catch attention, but LG is going to need more than a good looking phone to make the G2 a success on par with Samsung and Apple’s lineup. So, can the LG G2 work as well as it looks? Read on to find out.

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