FriendFeed is THE Next Big Thing

FriendFeed Social Aggregator To me, FriendFeed is already a big thing, and after less than 48 hours on the site it has a permanent bookmark on my Firefox Bookmark Toolbar thanks to Louis Gray’s article about FriendFeed opening up and an invite from Gray to try out the service.


FriendFeed enables you to keep up-to-date on the web pages, photos, videos and music that your friends and family are sharing. It offers a unique way to discover and discuss information among friends.

Sign up for FriendFeed, invite some friends, and get a customized feed made up of the content that your friends shared — from news articles to family photos to interesting links and videos. FriendFeed automatically imports shared stuff from sites across the web, so if your friend favorites a video on YouTube, you get a link and a thumbnail of the video in your feed. And if your friend likes a news story on Digg, you get a link in your feed. FriendFeed makes all the sites you already use a little more social.

It’s also fast and easy to start discussions around shared items. On FriendFeed, you and your friends contribute to a shared stream of information — information that you care about, because it’s from the people that you care about.

Yeah I copy and pasted from the website. Who better to explain a service than the developers themselves? =P

Nevertheless, FriendFeed is a social network aggregator. Other services that you can pull information from and share include twitter, your linkblog, your website’s RSS, GoogleTalk (for status updates),, ma.gnolia, flickr, picasa, vimeo, netflix, jaiku,, pownce, reddit, tumblr, zooomr, ilike, amazon, and a few more.

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The One Feature Twitter is Missing

I pondered this feature yesterday and Benjamin Golub, creator of RSSmeme, twittered it this afternoon. I’ll just retweet his tweet:

Twitter needs a "wall-to-wall" view like Facebook has to better visualize a conversation between 2 people

I was thinking about it because I’m sick of going through my old tweets on Twitter to see what someone might be referring to when replying to me and it doesn’t correspond with any of my most recent tweets. A wall-to-wall feature such as the one in Facebook would be awesomesauce! Plus, it’s a great way to recall and ask for updates on previous situations. Or maybe you forgot who told you what about a new web service that caught your eye; it beats going through all your tweets to find out who it was, especially if you’re following over 50 people that tweet pretty often (I know I do)!

Among other features that Twitter is missing, I think this may well be the easiest to implement and one of the coolest (though I am by no means a developer). With that being said, I humbly request the developers of Twitter to add this feature….ASAP! If you agree, please promote the revolution for a Twitter wall! =P

What other features for Twitter do you wish would be implemented right now?

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Google2GO is No Yahoo! Go

I may have unintentionally mislead my viewers yesterday with the "Google2Go for Windows Mobile Smartphones" post. After playing with the Google2Go application on my Motorola Q9m for a while, I came to the conclusion that it’s no Yahoo! Go.


Google2Go is a dead simple application: a menu over Pocket Internet Explorer (PIE) sporting bookmarks to most,if not all, of Google’s mobile services. That’s it! It’s very clean and moreover very Google-ish to me. I could actually see something like it coming out of Google’s labs, though maybe with more features. Nevertheless, very different from Yahoo! Go.


Yahoo! Go

Yahoo! Go is an actual software application. As a matter of fact, it’s a suite of applications. It has it’s own interface, which is gorgeous as hell, and doesn’t rely solely on PIE to give you the information you want.

In essence, Yahoo! Go is still in a league of it’s own. Personally, Google2Go is an application. Yahoo! Go is software. Google2Go just doesn’t compete, though I still recommend it if you’re have all your mobile Google sites bookmarked; it might save you a little bit of time ;) .

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The Reality Desktop

Ever imagined what a “desktop” would be like if the computer hadn’t been invented? Here’s a video featuring a fantastic take on that question! This has to be one of the coolest and most original videos to date and notice that it’s not on Youtube =P . Thanks to the lovely Lulu of Mobigasmic for sharing the link on Twitter.


Reality Desktop – MetaCafe
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