Opera Revisited

Right now, I’m downloading Opera 9.2 thanks to this article from Life Hacker. A few months ago, Opera was my main browser because of its speed. There was no denying that it was faster than both Firefox and IE when it came to loading webpages and even starting up. Unfortunately (or not), I switched back to Firefox because it was more compatible with the websites that I happened to be visiting on a regular basis at that time. If I’m not mistaken, Opera was NOT compatible with Google Reader and Google Calendar. I can live without it being compatible with Google Calendar, since I rarely use that service anymore. However, I check my RSS feeds at least 5 times a day. So, as you can see, I have to have access to Google Reader. I’m not sure if this issue has been fixed in Opera, but I’ll find out soon enough. Maybe a nice small review to come? Yes, they have fixed the Google Reader issue. However, Google Calendar is still not working, but a more basic version of the service is provided for your viewing pleasure. Technorati Tags: , , ,

Free Joost Invites

So, while searching Google for some Joost invites I can across this site. It’s supposedly an easy way to get joost invites. I wish I knew when this site was created. So far 25 invites have been sent out. All you have to do is,
simply send an e-mail to joost[dot]tidus[@]spamgourmet[dot]com. Just briefly say why you deserve to get one, I will post the names/sites of users who have received an invite from me. You must post something legible and something that explains why you need a Joost invite. Those who only e-mail a 3 word or grammatical nightmare (ALLCAPS, MsN SpEeCh) forfeit their entry. Lastly, you can not sell any invites you receive – this is a free service! If I find out that you sold an invite, you’re account will be reported and the happy staff at Joost will happily cancel the account.
I’ll be sending my email as soon as I finish this post and will let you know whether or not I receive one. Briefly, for those that don’t know, Joost is a web service that allows you to watch TV online. Joost offers an impressive selection of of shows you can watch, including National Geographic, Warner Bros. Records, The Soccer Channel, World Poker Tour, BET, MTV, Comedy Central, Logo, VH1 and other shows that are broadcasted worldwide! You’re probably thinking, well you can get those shows on youtube. The catch with Youtube is that the quality is horrible. Joost is promising to deliver these shows in high quality format and you can watch the whole show. So no need to have multiple tabs of 1 episode open in Youtube. Plus, with Joost, you can flip channels. Just like your home TV! You can “watch what you want as often as you like”. No schedules! AND IT’S ALL FREE! So, if you want an invite, check out the link above to hopefully get a chance to look at this beta web service. Did I mention that Joost is beta and invite only? =)

Jaiku Web Service Review

Because of Leo Laporte article, I’ve somewhat jumped on the yet another social networking web service bandwagon. However, I’m not using Twitter. I’m using a similar web service known as Jaiku and here’s my review of it. I’m choosing Jaiku over twitter because, personally, I find twitter to be ugly. Graphically, Twitter is somewhat like Del.icio.us, which I’m also not a fan of. Why? Because the layout of these web services are ugly to me. Simplicity is not always the best solution. On the flipside, not only is Jaiku much more easy on the eyes, but it’s more feature rich and I love features! One of the most prominent features is the option to add several feeds to your presence stream. Right now, I’m adding my blog feed to Jaiku. This means all my future posts can be shared with the Jaiku community. Awesomesauce! Other features include adding photo’s, bookmarks, music, places, events, and other RSS feeds. Jaiku also gives you the option to display your jaiku’s (your comments /posts to the service) publicly or to keep them private. I don’t see why you would keep them private though. Another feature is the ability to jaiku from your phone. Customizing your profile is at a bare minimum; you can only change your background. Hopefully we’ll be able to change more in the future (i.e. fonts, font size). Last but not least, you can grab a badge (see mine on the sidebar) and post it just about anywhere. The site is more content focused and in being so, makes it more life-like than Twitter. As far as social networking goes, I’d like to know WHO I’m networking with rather than WHAT what another person is doing because the WHO tells me more than the WHAT in this case. Jaiku is doing a very good job of allowing me to find out about others as far as their interests is concerned, and in turn, I not only find more interesting things, put more truly interesting people (and vice versa). Note: Another feature I’d like to see implemented is automatic refreshing of the explore page using some AJAXy goodness.

Going to go post about this on XXXMB!

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Songbird != Leave The Nest: Link Review

Glenn Hawkins has written an excellent review of a new music program called Songbird. I discovered his review while searching Technorati to see what other blogs were saying about it. I wanted to know if it would be worth my time before installing it. Because of his article, I’m not downloading it, but I will be keep a close watch on it’s development to see if the biggest problem that I would have with it (lagging issues) will be sorted out soon enough. Though, if you have no problems with lagging software, I’d recommend giving it a try. It looks like a beauty and seems like it’ll go pretty far. Technorati Tags: , , , ,