Looking At Twitter’s Latest Bump Differently


Today, I hopped online to news that people were noticed that their number of Twitter followers/followings were completely out of sync. Louis Gray is reporting a significant loss along with a ton of other people, myself included. However, let’s really examine this situation because people are up in arms about losing a patch of followers. Here’s why you should stop complaining about it:



1. Twitter Is Up And Running

Look at the bright side, at least Twitter is up and running. This was the biggest problem with Twitter for the past several months among others. Now Twitter is doing a much better job with their uptime and scheduling outages rather than having them randomly pop up. I’m back in action on Twitter myself and everything is almost the way it should be.


2. You Can Get Your Community Back

Personally, Twitter just did me a huge favor and did some spring cleaning for me. When the number of people you follow starts to exceed 300 you have a hard time keeping up with who’s no longer relevant to your conversations. So thank you Twitter. However, it’s not the end of the world people. You can get those followers back. While it’s annoying, it’s not the worst and I’d much prefer this than Twitter’s constant downtime any day. If those people want to follow you, they’ll find you again and if you want to follow them, you’ll find them again. Stop whining.


3. A Golden Opportunity

Now that your counts are all out of sync, this is the perfect time to explore Twitter for more friends. You people have to stop thinking so negatively. You’ll get your followers back. For now, take advantage of this moment to find new followers to add to your Twitter community. You’ll be better off doing this than simply waiting around for people to find you again.


Not A Big Deal

conversation In the end, this really isn’t that big of a deal to me. Maybe because my most important followers are still on my list. While it’s annoying and could cause some concerns in the future, it’s a total opportunity at this point.

  • ontarioemperor

    I wasn't really concerned about the whole thing, because I don't use Twitter much any more anyway, and because it appeared that my followers/followees were restored by Wednesday evening. As far as I can tell, nothing was lost.

    I'm a little more concerned about the problem that emerged this morning, when a tweet appeared under Louis Gray's name that he didn't author. Perhaps it's a rare anomaly, but if Twitter is having problems associating content with users, that's a potentially bigger worry indeed.

  • http://www.techafina.com sharnatlanta

    I admire your positive outlook, but I highly disagree. If you've just written a very extensive article in Microsoft Word, but you lose it because the application crashed just as you were working on your final draft – do you thank Microsoft for giving you the opportunity to practice your writing skills? If this happened over and over again, wouldn't you look for a more reliable writing tool?

  • http://sheenonline.biz Rahsheen

    I definitely appreciate your positive outlook on this and I totally agree with what you're saying. I don't have a large following on Twitter and have since stopped paying attention to it due to my activity on FriendFeed (so much more interesting).

    Twitter just being down is understandable…usually. Twitter randomly deleting stuff and sending unauthorized messages is not (see ontario's comment). When you start to mess around with user's data, you have definitely crossed the line.

    If my computer is unstable and crashes/locks up all the time, I will probably be annoyed and try to fix the problem myself. If my computer crashes all the time and my data starts getting lost in the process…well…time to shop for a new computer.

    I, personally, won't bother with Twitter anymore because I am almost afraid of what they will do to me in the future. I am sure many others share the same outlook. Their credibility here has just taken a huge hit in my eyes.

  • Greg Clinton

    I agree, Corvida. Now, pretty please follow me again. :-) I'm gregclinton.

  • whatterz

    Twitter have the right to do what they like with their community, but such unexpected changes to a person's profile isn't really acceptable. What criteria has Twitter used to decide who should be removed? I actively block 'spam' user's from following me, but if I have actively chosen to follow someone and they haven't blocked me, it is my right to continue doing so. Such a gratuitous invasion is contrary to Twitter's earlier stance in not getting involved in how the community connects and interacts with one another. Prior notification and consistency is required.

  • raych

    i agree. it's a social networking tool. chill out. you know the people you follow. those you can't remember? well, they're probably not that important.

    it is a hassle … but like you said, thank you for the spring cleaning

    it reminds me of when i get a new phone and i have to manually enter in the phone numbers…

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  • http://shegeeks.net Corvida

    I'm still following you :D

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  • Albert Willis

    Corvida, you summed up my attitude about the entire thing: not a big deal. Twitter communicated (a lot) about what was going on, which was there was a database problem and they were working on getting things back to normal. I just checked a few minutes ago—all of my followers are back.

  • Pam

    Unfortunately, people always want to complain about something. Twitter is doing much better these days, especially compared to the days of numerous fail whales throughout the day. If there are a few hiccups here and there I'm okay with that.

  • sarahintampa

    Obviously I'm one of the bloggers you disagree with, so I guess I'm going to have to disagree right back at ya! ;)

    On the one hand, I admire your positive outlook on everything and, like Albert here says, “not a big deal.” Yes, absolutely, in the grand scheme of things nothing that goes on with Twitter is a *that* big of deal. I live a good part of my life outside the internet and in comparison, whatever happens here is only marginally important in the greater context of my life as a whole.

    However, that being said, when analyzing what's occurring right now online as web services grow and change, Twitter is a shining example of what not to do. The main problem is that it was built incorrectly from day one. Other web apps should take note of this – you may think that you're just a fun little side project, but what's your plan B if you do become popular and need to scale up rapidly? Twitter's continuous issues are truly a worst-case scenario of what that looks like.

    So, although I appreciate your take that we should just look on the bright side because “twitter is up and running”, I simply cannot concur. Twitter essentially took everyone's friend graphs and communities – things that people have taken time to build, nurture, and grow – and ripped them apart. For a service that mainly provides a tool for conversations, that is an incredibly large misstep on their part.

    I believe you're fortunate to not be as affected by this as others because you're a much beloved Twitter maven (ahem, Twitter rockstar that is). Your friends will come find you again quickly….Not everyone is as lucky.

    Perhaps I've now just thrown too much analysis on top of what was meant to be a light-hearted post, but I couldn't help myself. :)

    /End Rant

    What I'll take away from this is that even when times are tough, you can still find ways to have a positive outlook on things. That's a nice philosophy to have both online and off….However, it's not necessarily convincing me that Twitter doesn't need to be held accountable for their mistakes. :D

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    I guess its a blessing in disguise to some but annoyance to others. Can you imagine building a home with your bare hands and when its finally completed, the wolf comes along the blow away the house. How annoying can it be.

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    I guess its a blessing in disguise to some but annoyance to others. Can you imagine building a home with your bare hands and when its finally completed, the wolf comes along the blow away the house. How annoying can it be.

  • http://www.jastalentsnmodels.com/ Jas Talents and Models

    I guess its a blessing in disguise to some but annoyance to others. Can you imagine building a home with your bare hands and when its finally completed, the wolf comes along the blow away the house. How annoying can it be.