Is TechCrunch50 Taking On DEMO Fall08?


tc50logo So TechCrunch has officially announced the dates for TechCrunch50 and it looks like they’re very much overlapping with the DEMO Fall08 technology conference and I’m sure all hell will break loose with this. I wonder what Chris Shipley and Carla Thompson think of this? We can look forward to quite a few bitchmemes from now until September concerning this awesomesauce showdown!

DEMOfall08TechCrunch50 is said to be taking place September 8-10 in San Francisco, while DEMO will be running their conference from September 7-9. Will Tech50 be a day late and a dollar short on this one?

I’m sure Arrington has went on record to announce that he had no clue, but I call bullshit for Arrington. How the hell could you NOT know?!

In the meantime, this will only increase the pressure building behind those that will be previewing their products and services and the shows. These products will definitely do some making and breaking…unless of course this doesn’t blow out of proportion, which is highly unlikely. At the same time, it’s bad business for entrepreneurs, is it not? I mean, it would kick ass to be able to showcase your goods at BOTH conferences, not just one. At least you have TechCrunch to blame it on. But seriously Arrington, what were you thinking when you did this?

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  • carlat

    I think if every blog with a large readership felt themselves qualified to launch a tech conference… well there would be more conferences in existence than attendees. Here's the thing: conferences are hard to put on. Period. Ask anyone at Comdex or Interop or PC Expo or a million others that have folded in recent years. There's a reason DEMO is going into its 19th year and still standing after virtually all the others have fallen. We understand what an audience needs and work hard to deliver value beyond the prices paid. If Mike and Jason can achieve that too, fabulous. But let's not lay the entrepreneurial landscape to waste in a quest to one-up each other.

  • Corvida

    It feels like TechCrunch is doing it as a one-up. Come on now! If we're to be fair, they could've even rode the hype of DEMO and went AFTER or before Demo. Taking it head on just isn't cool and I'm sure everyone can see right through TC that this was planned and not just some “whim.”

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  • Matt Shaulis

    TechCrunch 50 is making no secrets about taking DEMO on. Arrington said “DEMO should die” and Calacanis equated DEMO's $18,500 speaking fee to Payola and said that “IDG [the proprietor of DEMO] is criminal” for charging. (But the scheduling, from what i can gather, is clearly a case of DEMO trying to be crafty and then getting totally 1 upped.)

    TechCrunch 50 FTW!! ;)

  • Racing Schools

    For $18,500 that's a lot for speakers fee.

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