I Smell Twubble!


twubble logo I first discovered Twubble  through an article written by the talented Cyndy Aleo-Carreira of Profy in an article entitled "Toluu and Twubble: Forget Searching and Look for Suggestions". The Twubble web service is the latest to join the already long list of Twitter web applications . Twubble allows you to find more people on Twitter by using an algorithm that scans your Twitter friends to find others that you may not be following that the majority of your friends are. Here’s a look at my Twubble list:

Corvida's Twubble List

I’ve been provided with a list of 20 more people to follow, though others have reported up to 60. As you can see, my friends are following quite a few high profile people that I happen to not be following, for various reasons.

This service isn’t very useful for those who are not into randomly following people. As I said, half of the people that were recommended to me, I’m not following for a reason. I hope to see a feature that will allow me to choose how many of my friends need to be following a person that is listed. I want to be able to exclude names that I know I’m, not going to follow and the option to shorten or lengthen the number of people listed.

  • jeffisageek

    checked out twubble the other day…didnt really find anyone since I already follow a “bunch” of people already.

    I do like your feature improvements though. those would be nice to have added.

  • davehuston

    I follow a lot of people already (482 as I write this). Twubble said that it's unable to handle that many, so it was likely to generate a lot of people that I'm already following, which it did. The ability for it to process more followers would be nice.

  • Sarah Meyers

    Why are you not following them?

  • crazybob

    I added the option to lengthen the list of people shown. I'll see what I can do about some added filtering.

  • http://shegeeks.net Corvida

    Well, some of them I find irrelevant. Scoble tweets too much for me, though I love him to death. And a handful I don't like the persona's that they have on the web. I've never met them so I can't say that's exactly how they are, but from what I do know, I don't like. This doesn't apply to everyone. More like the top 10 suggestions I received.

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  • http://eckenrodehouse.net n8k99

    I've given Twubble a shot today; I am a random follower; and was able to significantly increase the size of my feed. Returning later, Twubble warned me that due to the number of people I am following they would be unable to give me optimal results. Not one to let warnings get in the way, I tried it and received quite a few repeated entries.

  • http://www.tw3nty3ight.com tw3nty3ight

    I checked this out… Seems pretty cool.

  • Matt Shaulis

    The service aside… that was a great headline. :)

  • debdebtig

    Great post, I finally checked out Twubble and it came up with 20 on the first page and I'm sure there were plenty more. I added a couple but skipped the ones that don't seem to follow back often and/or don't reply. I saw quite a few that had no replies in their page and others that all they had were replies. Oh well.
    Great title btw!

  • http://shegeeks.net Corvida

    Thank you. So you don't generally follow people who reply back to others a

  • debdebtig

    Not if that seems to be all they do. Some general conversation would be nice too. :-) There's that happy medium thing.

  • http://shegeeks.net Corvida

    lol ok I got you! Neat tip though.

  • http://www.globalracingschools.com Racing Schools

    Thanks for the recommendation. New to Twitter and Twubble.

  • http://www.themetasecret.org The Meta Secret

    Most of my friends on Twitter were already using Twubble so there's nothing fancy about it.

  • http://www.painrelief.com.sg Knee Pain

    Found Twubble refreshing. Thanks.

  • http://www.painrelief.com.sg Knee Pain

    Found Twubble refreshing. Thanks.

  • john191

    sears parts

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