Overcoming Writer’s Block Through Community And Conversation

Trust There’s a great beginner’s guide on Brazen Careerist, sprinkled with blogging tips for career blogs, but these tips can apply to anyone who’s blogging.  A winning tip by Andy Drish gives some motivation for relationship and community building for your career blog. Again, these tips can apply to anyone. What about the motivation to keep blogging, especially during writer’s block? Everyone has a unique way to get around this. Here’s one I like to use: my blog community.

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When I take advantage of speaking opportunities, I get a lot of questions about beating writer’s block. I let people in on a little secret: my community helps a lot with that. You see, I can get over writer’s block very quickly when I go through my comments, Twitter and Facebook replies, or links back to my articles. Sometimes I also just call people or schedule a time to talk. Not only does it strength my relationships, but in return I get some awesome blog ideas! It’s so easy for our ideas to go stale when we only hear ourselves. Plain and simple, we need feedback. Simply looking through your comments helps. But there’s a bigger picture. If you don’t have comments, then how about starting with a conversation first. Join this conversation in the comments, or write up a post about ways you’re beating writer’s block.


Before you move on , tell me what ways have you overcome writer’s block. Any “aha!” moments you’d like to share?
  • http://ericasays.com EricaMueller

    I'm not one to try the silly little tips most people give. I guess I just know myself, and I know that tapping my pencil, freewriting (which really helps some people, but not me) and such don't make me tick.

    What does? Good music, fresh air, and socializing. Since returning from Blissdom I have racked up a HUGE list of topics to blog about, and the ideas didn't come directly from the sessions. No, they're from a brain that had fun, connected with people, and feels refreshed.

  • http://techhim.blogspot.com/ himanshu

    nice post. hope i achieve this one day

  • sunnygrrl

    Corvida, really good piece. I actually started my blog to help with writer's block while working on my dissertation. Recently, I hit another block and have just been talking–into a recorder. I might have ideas that are not full formed and perhaps not ready for conversation, let along a blog post. I can listen to what I've said and get an mp3 and transcript. It's sort of my audio version of a mind map.

  • cblack2

    Reading blog posts around the web is a great reminder that people are really out there reading our blogs-which helps me cut through the inertia and get writing- thanks for the encouragement. Another cup of coffee is also a great way to buzz through the block!

  • http://shegeeks.net Corvida Raven

    Coffee never does anything for me, but coffee is another surefire for others. How long does it usually last for you before it wears off?

    I also like listening to music or watching creative music videos on Youtube. Visual and audio learning techniques are well suited for battling writer's block.

  • http://shegeeks.net Corvida Raven

    Thanks for sharing your tip Sunny. I posted another comment to Cindy Black about visual and audio techniques being well suited for overcoming writer's block. You're recording technique nails it right on the head. Indeed, it's a great mind map.

    Don't forget that repetition is the father of learning. Have you ever felt like it helped to keep having something repeated to you? Think the same applies here?

  • http://www.andydrish.com/ Andy Drish

    Hey Corvida – Thanks for the shout out.

    I feel like a complete hypocrite for saying this… as excited as I was in 2008 about blogging, I've really let my blog fizzle over the past nine months.

    My blog used to be a major source of ideas, connections, and opportunities. (It was also a major drain on my time.) As things have evolved, my focus has shifted to building a business as opposed to spending time writing, commenting, and engaging with communities.

    There are several things I miss about that… but I've learned a lot from taking this route.

    I still value my blog… but, for the time being, I have other priorities. And I think that's okay. I'd love to be sharing all that I learn right now. I just don't have the time to respond to comments and really build a community like I would want to.

    My point is… it's important to recognize the difference between writers block and simply needing to take a break. If you're consistently struggling with what to write about, leaving comments, etc… Take a break for a while. Try something new. And come back to it when you're 100% ready.

    That's a much better option than writing half-assed posts just to get something fresh out there and not being able to give your readers the time/attention they deserve.

    Just my thoughts.

    PS – I'll be at SXSW the 11th – 19th. I know Paugh is looking to get a Brazen party going somewhere… hopefully we'll get the chance to meet up.

  • http://shegeeks.net Corvida Raven

    Thanks the info about Brazen Andy. I'll reach out to Paugh for details. It would be awesome to meet you!

    I definitely agree, there have been times where I need to take a break from it all. Unplug and do something different. I was just explaining to someone today that I'm working on discovering a second hobby and passion. Tech is fizzling my brain :) Finding this second hobby has been motivating in itself.

  • http://longlifehappylife.com/ Cindy Black, L.Ac.

    You have to have the right coffee! I never cared much about coffee until someone dragged me into a coffee shop in Ithaca, NY- Gimme coffee- now I'm hocked- thankfully they ship! It's the only coffee that seems to give me that special feeling of focus, buzz, ideas and motivation to write!

    I'm pretty wired without coffee…taking a walk, moving, stretching, gardening are my other methods.

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