In Case of Emergency: 7 Sites and Tools To Get You Through Natural Disasters

I like to think of myself as a Hurricane veteran. Growing up in Miami – hurricane capital of the US – I slept through a lot of hurricanes, including Hurricane Andrew. So, when Hurricane Sandy planned a trip to NYC I rolled my eyes – until I heard that Sandy would bring friends.

After diligently preparing to be without power for at least a week, I waited for Sandy. When it became risky to watch from a window, I turned to the internet. Using a collection of sites and digital tools, I was able to get an amazing bird’s-eye and ground view of Hurricane Sandy. These sites are helpful resources for anyone affected by a storm and for support volunteers looking for ways to help.

For me, these sites were especially useful for staying aware of the state of the NYC and New Jersey after Sandy hit. These tools can and should be used in any emergency whether local, national, or international.

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Google Reader: The New Traffic and Activity Machine for Google+


Today, Google released a major update to Google Reader, its popular online RSS reader. Google Reader shed its old skin and received the new Google design just like Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Calendar.

In addition to the facelift, Google Reader is now sports a shiny new Google+ button. But this new button comes with a high price for longtime Google Reader users. While the new design may take some getting used to, integration with Google+ is something that many cried for since the launch of Google+. Did Google get it right or should you prepare to find another RSS reader?

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3 Amazing Chrome Apps From The Google Chrome Web Store


Today, Google officially announced the Google Chrome Web Store alongside the impending launch of the Chrome OS Notebook (TNW has the scoop on getting one). While plenty of folks have been waiting for this, I haven’t and I’m glad I haven’t. If you were expecting a new breed of apps from the Chrome Web Store like I was, you can guess again. Only a handful of real “apps” currently exist in the store. Everything else seems to be a bookmarklet or extension instead of an actual app. So here are a few Google Chrome apps worth checking out. Continue reading

Back To School: 7 Collaboration and Management Tools For Students


back2schoolheader As the new school year begins, you might be wondering how else can you use your computer to manage your studies. It seems like Microsoft Office is the only reason for a student to devote any of their PC time to school. This was once the the doomed outlook of another school year for me. Thank to the web, there are hundreds of tools out there to make school more interesting and help you manage all the projects that are sure to come your way. Here are my top 9 picks for managing and collaborating school work in and out of the classroom. Continue reading