In Case of Emergency: 7 Sites and Tools To Get You Through Natural Disasters

I like to think of myself as a Hurricane veteran. Growing up in Miami – hurricane capital of the US – I slept through a lot of hurricanes, including Hurricane Andrew. So, when Hurricane Sandy planned a trip to NYC I rolled my eyes – until I heard that Sandy would bring friends.

After diligently preparing to be without power for at least a week, I waited for Sandy. When it became risky to watch from a window, I turned to the internet. Using a collection of sites and digital tools, I was able to get an amazing bird’s-eye and ground view of Hurricane Sandy. These sites are helpful resources for anyone affected by a storm and for support volunteers looking for ways to help.

For me, these sites were especially useful for staying aware of the state of the NYC and New Jersey after Sandy hit. These tools can and should be used in any emergency whether local, national, or international.

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iPhoneography 101: A Free Course On How To Use Your iPhone’s Camera

Camera+ Filters

Camera+ Filters

Who knew that the iPhone would start its own camera trend fondly known today as iPhoneography? It’s the art of using your iPhone and select apps to create amazing photos. These images are often comparable, and sometimes better, than photos taken with a DSLR.  iPhoneography has become an art form and goal for Instagram users (IGers). In fact, Emmy award-winning producer Richard Koci Hernandez is adding fuel to the fire with a free course on iPhoneography available on!

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10 Surefire Photography Tips for Capturing The Perfect Picture


InstagramCapturing the perfect picture is tough whether you’re using a smartphone or a DSLR. Not everyone is a pro photographer and not everyone wants to be. Maybe you just want to take great shots to share with your friends and family. Or maybe you want to be GE’s next Instagrapher.

No matter what level your skills are at, here are 10 sure fire tips from my favorite photographers and Instagram friends to help you capture the perfect picture!
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Photo Contest: Who Wants To Be An Instagrapher?

GE Instagrapher

Instagram and GEInstagram, a popular mobile photography app with over 13 million users, is known for its imaginative filters that change the way your photos look. These filters have given new life to some of the worst photos on anyone’s iPhone.

Some people wonder if Instagram makes you a better photographer. Whether it does or doesn’t, Instagram has everyone from Snoop Dogg to General Electric (GE) inspired! In fact, GE actually has an official “Instagrapher” and they’re looking for another!

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Google Reader: The New Traffic and Activity Machine for Google+


Today, Google released a major update to Google Reader, its popular online RSS reader. Google Reader shed its old skin and received the new Google design just like Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Calendar.

In addition to the facelift, Google Reader is now sports a shiny new Google+ button. But this new button comes with a high price for longtime Google Reader users. While the new design may take some getting used to, integration with Google+ is something that many cried for since the launch of Google+. Did Google get it right or should you prepare to find another RSS reader?

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