5 Time Saving Windows Live Writer Plugins For Bloggers

WLW Windows Live Writer is probably the most popular blogging software available for PC users (unavailable for Mac) and arguable one of the best blogging software out. I’ve used it for 99% of the posts made here at SheGeeks. There’s a lot of customizable options and plugins available for WLW, but I’d like to share with you some of my favorite plugins that every blogger using WLW will find useful.

Windows Live Writer Plugins

TweetMeme for Windows Live Writer – Tweetmeme’s button for tracking retweets to posts is more popular than ever. If you don’t want to install the plugin, but would love to add in a button to the occasional post, this plugin is just for you.

bitly Bit.ly for Windows Live Writer – Bit.ly is one of my favorite URL shorteners due to it’s analytics and archive feature for shortened links. Now you can automatically shorten links in your posts to bit.ly links. If you have an account with Bit.ly, this plugin will tap into your account to keep you updated on link stats.

Delicious Notify For Windows Live Writer – For the Delicious bookmarking fans out there, send your blog posts directly to Delicious when you’re done.

Facebook Photos for Windows Live Writer – Here’s an easier way of adding those Facebook uploads into your blog post directly from WLW.

Flickr4Writer – If you’re saving space and using Flickr for uploads instead, here’s a plugin to easily grab Flickr photos and insert them into your blog post. *Flickr account required


  • What’s your blogging software of choice?
  • If you’re using WLW, what are some of your must-have plugins?
  • Have you had a better experience with WYSIWYG editors? Share your experiences in the comments!
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Is Firefox Falling Off The Bandwagon?

firefox After reading Walt Mossberg’s review of Firefox 3.5 (which I have yet to install), the only question that I was left with is: what the hell is up with Firefox these days?

Firefox used to be the browser to recommend! It was fast, not to mention the galore of add-ons and customizations you can download to enhance the browser. It was refreshing to delve into after coming from Internet Explorer regardless of what version number of IE was installed. However, after Firefox 2.0 was released my personal experience with Firefox started to go down-hill from there.

Firefox: The Bad & The Ugly

Firefox became the biggest memory hog in the world with the release of version 2.0. In addition to hogging a lot of resources it would move to crawling speeds after 2-3 hours of usage forcing me to restart it a lot. The same could be said for Google Chrome as far as being a memory hog. However, Google Chrome has never slowed down on me. Rarely do I restart it. In fact, I’ll leave it open for days on end. Hog all the memory you want, but performance needs to remain optimal! Otherwise, why the hell are you hogging all of my memory?

I’ve eliminated unnecessary add-ons, themes, uninstalled, reinstalled, and tweak every setting imaginable to receive optimal performance from Firefox. Then I thought, “why am I doing all of this just to open a couple of tabs without hindering my browsing experience?” That is not why I decided to make the switch to Firefox from Opera. In fact, it’s the antithesis of what Firefox originally represented.

What the hell went wrong?

The Switch To Google Chrome

google chrome Within the past 2 months, I’ve almost completely switched to Google Chrome as my default browser. It doesn’t give me nearly as many problems as Firefox. It’s quick, smooth, fluid, though a memory hog. However, I don’t mind the memory hogging if it means optimal performance. That’s exactly what Chrome has given me, picking up in areas where Firefox has become such a slacker in. In fact, the only reason I haven’t uninstalled Firefox is because of Feedly, my favorite RSS reader.

If Feedly ever makes it out of Firefox, you can be sure that Google Chrome will be the only browser to remain on my computer.

  • How has your Firefox experience been as of lately?
  • Do you think Firefox 3.5 will give me better results?
  • What has your experience been like?
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Tweetie for Mac Launches With Potential And Conversation Tracking

Twitter Ladies and gentlemen, I am so excited right now because one of my favorite iPhone apps is coming to a desktop near you!

Atebits, developer of the popular Tweetie iPhone app, has announced the debut date of Tweetie for Mac a.k.a Bigbird! I’m hoping that it will be coming to Windows really soon, but for now let’s drool.


It seems Atebits will be taking the same slick UI of Tweetie on the iPhone and pushing it straight to the desktops of Mac users. According to the demo video of Tweetie for Mac (here), it will be one of the first desktop apps to support conversation tracking, or threaded message support, with a cool way to view conversations for messages too.

This is a really good feature and rapidly becoming a must have for any Twitter application these days. Tweetie is the first I’ve seen to this and I haven’t seen it in their iPhone app either.

“Tweetie for Mac is more than a port – in fact, it’s a complete rewrite. The new core is faster, more stable, and more extensible than its predecessor. Not only will it form the foundation of the Mac version, but also the foundation of the next generation of Tweetie 2.0 for iPhone.”

Tweetie for Mac will be released this Monday, April 20th. I’m looking forward to hearing what Mac users will think of it(and secretly wishing I had a Mac). It has a lot of cool nifty effects that really catch the eye, but also has the potential to be a hit or miss with some folks. I think you’ll either love it or hate it, especially with the way they’ve integrated threaded messaging into every conversation that happens on Twitter!


Other Features

We’re not sure what features might be missing compared to competitors, but having groups may be one of them. So be sure to stay tuned for more info on this or follow @atebits and @tweetie on Twitter.


Here are some screenshots of the great features from the demo video of Tweetie for Mac:

Drag & Drop Image Support

Tweetie Reply


Direct Message Threading!

Tweetie_DM Tweetie DM thread


Twitter Search Integration




  • What do you think of Tweetie for Mac?
  • Wish it were coming to Windows?
  • Will you be giving it a test drive?
  • Are you hoping it can replace your current client?
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