Clear Out Old Or Suspicious Gmail Account Activity & Sessions

Google’s services are easily accessible from nearly every OS. Because of this, you probably log into Gmail from plenty of devices: phones, laptops, tablets or TVs. Google keeps a log of all that activity including devices used to access Gmail, the IP address, state, and when the access was granted. Here’s how you can use this information access account activity, identify and (temporarily) protect yourself from any suspicious activity happening in your Gmail account.

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Gmail 2.0 for iOS: Comparable to Mail, But Not as Good as Sparrow

Gmail for iOS [iTunes Link] wasn’t worth switching to when I first reviewed it. It was the web app horribly disguised as a native app. Over time, Google has made some improvements and the latest update brings a much needed refresh to Gmail’s iOS app.

Is it better than Mail? Does it match the use and functionality of Sparrow, a former competitor now owned by Google? Keep reading to find out!

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Google Chrome Comes To The iPhone And iPad

The Safari mobile browser for iOS has become a staple in the mobile industry. It raised the bar for mobile browsers and pushed the envelope on the standards that people who’ve owned an iPhone expect from native apps – not to mention the mobile web. Unfortunately, most of these benefits are currently limited to the iOS platform.

Safari is one of the few native apps for iOS that most people never seek an alternative for. With the introduction of Google Chrome for the iPhone and iPad, there might be a shift in the near future.

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