Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Review: Bigger and Better Than The S3

Samsung Galaxy Note II

“Why get an iPad mini when you can have this?” Daniela Capistrano asked me after only 24 hours of playing with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. After only a few days with the Note 2, it’s easy to see the logic in her question. The iPad mini just doesn’t match the  creation capabilities of the Galaxy Note 2. In fact, the Galaxy Note II can teach tablets like the Microsoft Surface a thing or two.

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A Quick Look At The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

This week Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 10.1, a tablet spinoff of their popular 5.3-inch Galaxy Note smartphone with an emphasis on content creation as well as consumption. Aimed at making art as much as you can consume it and truly doing two things at the same time, the Galaxy Note 10.1 brings back the power of the stylus to help get the job done. Can you have your content and create it too? Time will tell as the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 attempts to raise the bar for tablets to come.

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The Instagram of Digital Cameras: Samsung SH100

Samsung SH100 Digital Camera

Samsung SH100 Digital CameraOver the Memorial Day weekend, I had an awesome opportunity to hang out with Samsung folks to test their new digital camera, the Samsung SH100, for their new campaign, “Coast To Coast Photo Post“. The Samsung SH100 is a compact, 14 megapixel beauty that integrates mobile photography features that people love using on their iPhones and Android smartphones:  filters, wireless uploading, and emailing photos on the go!

To test drive the Samsung SH100, I showed the folks from Samsung my favorite places in Brooklyn, New York. Amongst the many gems hidden in Brooklyn is an amazing celebrity stylist and image consultant, Noel New York, and the best cupcakes in the city from Crumbs Bake Shop!

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BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet Review: A Work In Progress

It’s the only tablet that didn’t come with a native email client. I’m talking about the BlackBerry PlayBook. It’s the latest entry into the tablet market, currently dominated by Apple’s iPad. It launched without an email client, a real calendar app, and social networking apps like Twitter and Facebook. In the past month, the only updates have been a Facebook app and Video Chat for PlayBooks. Did RIM kill their tablet before it even hit the market?

Disclosure: A BlackBerry PlayBook has been provided by RIM for the purpose of this review.

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