In Case of Emergency: 7 Sites and Tools To Get You Through Natural Disasters

I like to think of myself as a Hurricane veteran. Growing up in Miami – hurricane capital of the US – I slept through a lot of hurricanes, including Hurricane Andrew. So, when Hurricane Sandy planned a trip to NYC I rolled my eyes – until I heard that Sandy would bring friends.

After diligently preparing to be without power for at least a week, I waited for Sandy. When it became risky to watch from a window, I turned to the internet. Using a collection of sites and digital tools, I was able to get an amazing bird’s-eye and ground view of Hurricane Sandy. These sites are helpful resources for anyone affected by a storm and for support volunteers looking for ways to help.

For me, these sites were especially useful for staying aware of the state of the NYC and New Jersey after Sandy hit. These tools can and should be used in any emergency whether local, national, or international.

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The Battle of Instagram and Twitter: Twitter Filters, Instagram’s New Camera and More


Twitter and Instagram are in a heated battle thanks Instagram’s new owner, Facebook. After Facebook acquired Instagram, Twitter blocked Instagram’s access to their Find a Friend API. Instagram fired back and removed support for Twitter cards, a neat way of displaying photos and images on Twitter. That explains why you don’t see Instagram images in Twitter anymore.

Both services have released updates to their mobile apps that put them in direct competition for your photos. Who will win your image?

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4 Tips to Cut Useless Tweets Out of Your Twitter Timeline

twitter logo

As we increase the number of people we follow on Twitter, we also increase the volume of information, aka noise, that flows into our Twitter timelines. Pruning my following for fresh, relevant and insightful information is a tedious and time-consuming job that I only have the heart to do once a month.

In between time, I use these tips to keep the noise level down in my Twitter timeline.

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Facebook Buys Instagram: Thoughts On Why And What To Expect


Facebook is buying Instagram for $1 billion.

After the $500 million valuation Instagram received, it makes you wonder why Facebook will pay twice the price for Instagram. It’s just a mobile app that lets you share pics with friends and has less than 50 million total users compared to Facebook’s 800+ million active monthly users. You can do the same thing on your phone or desktop from the Facebook site. This may be true, but when it comes to designing an addictive mobile app and photo-sharing experience, Instagram is a winner, and threat-turned-opportunity for Facebook’s shoddy mobile products.

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