Facebook Puts On a Few Pounds: Stories, Ticker, Timeline and More

Facebook Timeline

If you haven’t visited Facebook in a while, you might want to. Recently Facebook announced a slew of new features before and during its annual F8 conference for developers. These features aren’t just for developers. They’re directly aimed at users to add how you can find interesting news, provide a new Timeline look at your Facebook profile, invites brands to help you create more content to fill up your new Timeline with, and much more. Here’s a recap of the latest changes happening on Facebook.

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Facebook Messenger: A Dedicated App for Facebook Messages

Messenger By Facebook

Messenger By FacebookFacebook Messenger is a new iPhone and Android app by Facebook that focuses on Facebook’s Messaging system. If you’re looking for the perfect Facebook Chat client, Messenger will disappoint you. Messenger is for the Facebook Messaging addicts across the planet. In fact, if you’ve been neglecting your Facebook inbox for some time now, Messenger might help you get back on track. Here’s a look at what it does and why it’s not staying on my iPhone.

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