Twitter Question #1: Should You Have Multiple Blogs?

manage-multiple-blogs As blogs continue to take over the internet, you may have asked yourself is it worth starting multiple blogs. There are many reasons to do so including profit, branding, expertise, business, and much more than I could ever list. Should you have multiple blogs? Are you That really depends on what you want to do.

RT @MarshaCollier: @corvida Do you recommend people have multiple blogs (if they are not a full time blogger)? Would love to tell my readers –

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Which Is More Valuable: Facebook Or Your Website?

I came across Dan Schawbel’s post RI.P Facebook as a Marketing Platform. Dan makes an interesting point when he says:

I’m not sure why advertisers are promoting their Facebook and Twitter pages instead of their websites. It would be much wiser to invest in a blog as a landing page instead of using a platform, that you can’t trust, and that doesn’t yield monetary results.

Not everyone will agree, and some may not know the answer at all. Here are a few of my thoughts on which platform is really the one for you or your business.

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Overcoming Writer’s Block Through Community And Conversation


There’s a great beginner’s guide on Brazen Careerist, sprinkled with blogging tips for career blogs, but these tips can apply to anyone who’s blogging.  A winning tip by Andy Drish gives some motivation for relationship and community building for your career blog. Again, these tips can apply to anyone. What about the motivation to keep blogging, especially during writer’s block? Everyone has a unique way to get around this. Here’s one I like to use: my blog community.

Hello World

When I take advantage of speaking opportunities, I get a lot of questions about beating writer’s block. I let people in on a little secret: my community helps a lot with that. You see, I can get over writer’s block very quickly when I go through my comments, Twitter and Facebook replies, or links back to my articles. Sometimes I also just call people or schedule a time to talk. Not only does it strength my relationships, but in return I get some awesome blog ideas!

It’s so easy for our ideas to go stale when we only hear ourselves. Plain and simple, we need feedback. Simply looking through your comments helps. But there’s a bigger picture. If you don’t have comments, then how about starting with a conversation first. Join this conversation in the comments, or write up a post about ways you’re beating writer’s block.


Before you move on , tell me what ways have you overcome writer’s block. Any “aha!” moments you’d like to share?

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