The Battle of Instagram and Twitter: Twitter Filters, Instagram’s New Camera and More


Twitter and Instagram are in a heated battle thanks Instagram’s new owner, Facebook. After Facebook acquired Instagram, Twitter blocked Instagram’s access to their Find a Friend API. Instagram fired back and removed support for Twitter cards, a neat way of displaying photos and images on Twitter. That explains why you don’t see Instagram images in Twitter anymore.

Both services have released updates to their mobile apps that put them in direct competition for your photos. Who will win your image?

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Gmail 2.0 for iOS: Comparable to Mail, But Not as Good as Sparrow

Gmail for iOS [iTunes Link] wasn’t worth switching to when I first reviewed it. It was the web app horribly disguised as a native app. Over time, Google has made some improvements and the latest update brings a much needed refresh to Gmail’s iOS app.

Is it better than Mail? Does it match the use and functionality of Sparrow, a former competitor now owned by Google? Keep reading to find out!

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