#BlackPeopleMovies: Racist or Just Playing?

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Right now, #blackpeoplemovies is at the top of the Twitter Trends. What does that mean? A lot of people are currently talking about about movies that black people like on Twitter. We all know sometimes just the mention of race in topics (notably those that are related to black people) can make people nervous. But there’s a twist in this hashtag, that isn’t uncommon to others before it and I think it should be considered before anyone pulls the “racist” card. Twitter Search

Racist or Just Playing?

Some of the tweets above would appear racist at first glance. This tweet by a fake CharIie Sheen is a perfect example. It’s also been retweeted over 1000 times. Digging into the stream of this hashtag may give you a different perspective if you’re willing to listen. Largely, black and spanish young adults and teens are listing movies they like that feature predominately black and or spanish cast-members like Friday, Set It Off, Baby Boy, and House Party 2. The rest are people cracking the best jokes they can possibly think of. Katt Williams, a hilarious black comedian, had the second most retweeted tweet, “The Devil Wears Polo“. Most people might not even see the joke in his tweet (it’s ok if you don’t). Once in a blue moon someone pulls the “racist” card (or tweet in this case). Is #blackpeoplemovies a racist trending topic? I don’t think so (some tweets may be). It’s childish and edgy, but overall harmless. Most of all, it’s exactly the type of conversation I’d have  with my friends on a Friday afternoon: a silly and pointless conversation.
  • Anonymous

    Great post! I definitely wouldn’t call it racist, just ignorant. I think people tend to confuse the two. But I won’t lie, when I read Charlie Sheen’s tweet a few hours ago, it stung. It does take on a harsher connotation (for me at least) when a non-black person participates in such a derogatory trending topic.

  • http://twitter.com/nwjerseyliz Liz Pullen

    Every time there is a #BlackPeopleDoX or similar trend, about 20% of the Tweets I see are calling it racist but I rarely see white people participating in the hashtag conversation. So, it seems like an African-American inside joke that just makes many whites (and some blacks) uncomfortable.

    I think that is a real Charlie Sheen account but his Tweet is the exception, not the rule. People are just RTing almost everyone of his Tweets because they are so bizarre in general. Shades of Gary Busey.

  • http://twitter.com/askabisexualguy Ask a Bisexual Guy

    Don’t Touch Me if You Ain’t Prayed
    Gettin’ Grown
    Shaolin Dolomite
    I Got the Hook Up
    Let’s Get Bizzie
    The Tuskegee Airmen
    Catfish in Bean Sauce

    Those titles are all real. None made up If a white guy said “Let’s Get Bizzie” we would have gotten pissed. But we make these movies. If anything we are fueling our own fires.
    Just sayin. But Liz Pullen said it much more eloquently

  • http://shegeeks.net/ Corvida Raven

    Glad you enjoyed Mike. Sorry for such an infuriating welcome back trend

  • http://shegeeks.net/ Corvida Raven

    Fortunately it wasn’t Charlie’s real Twitter account, which I discovered a few hours later.